Learn About Histograms

About Histograms

Histograms are a graphical represention of data,that was first introduced to by Karl Pearson,the Histogram is one of the most useful tools in photography ,Also like a bar chart, a histogram is made up of columns plotted on a graph. Usually, there is no space between adjacent columns

The Difference Between a Bar Chart and a Histogram

With Bar charts each column represents a group defined by a categorical variable ,But with Histogramseach column represents a group defined by a quantitative variable.

Features of a Histogram

Some main features include surface normals and curvature estimates

Cons Of A Histograms

First, they are easy to manipulate in order to demonstrate or support a desired conclusion; this is accomplished by using more or fewer bars to reflect the information,The other weakness is that time differences are often not taken into consideration in the representation of the data