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May 27, 2019 WLWV Student Services We’ve Got This!

Seeing Our Work Through Fresh Eyes

In the past month, educational leaders from Hermiston & Portland Public in Oregon; Lake Washington & Washougal, Washington, and Northern Idaho have come to visit WLWV classrooms to see inclusive practices in action. We have been in classrooms at Wilsonville High, Boeckman Creek, Trillium Creek, West Linn High, and Cedaroak Park. Though we are quick to say things here are messy, so very imperfect, and we still have lots to learn, it is such a gift to see the amazing work of our leaders, teachers and students through fresh eyes. At each school, the principal and key building leaders have explained a bit of their journey, some of their game-changing moves, and what they are currently working on. Then it was on to visit classrooms and just what is really happening.

Here are a few consistent observations from our guests:

  • “The culture in your schools is very welcoming.”
  • “I’ve never seen such authentic co-ownership of students shared between classroom teacher, special ed teacher, and paraeducators.”
  • “The types of engagement strategies your teachers are using really seem to make this possible.”
  • “How did you get the peers to be so accepting of each other?”
  • “It seems like your specialists, like PTs, OTs, SLPs, are really part of the team and not siloed.”
  • “I overheard peer interactions where the prompting and questions...well, I’d like those students to come train the teachers in our district.”
  • “I really see how the learning targets help you think through access points.”
  • “I love the calming corners and visuals.”
  • “It was good to see how natural it is to have different options and schedules.”
  • “How can we get folks in our district to see this is possible?”

The real joy is that we know we could bring visitors to any of our schools, any day, and see the beautiful, messy, hard, frustrating, joyous work of creating learning communities that create great thinkers and thoughtful people. Our last visit of the year will be next Tuesday, June 4, when we are taking a group from Tennessee out to Sunset and Athey Creek. Thank you all for de-privatizing your work and helping us lead for a better and more inclusive educational system.

School Counselors Learning Together

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Nuts & Bolts: Paperwork Reminders

  • Please make sure the dates on your documentation of SPED meetings are aligned (i.e. the meeting notice, the meeting notes, and the IEP date match)
  • HIGH SCHOOL AND ADULT TRANSITION Learning Specialists: Don’t forget to complete a PWN of SPED Action and a Summary of Performance for all students who are graduating or aging out.
  • Start planning now for completion of all 504 and SPED paperwork to be completed by the end of the day on JUNE 7. This will give us time do a quick review, and get back to you with questions before you leave for the summer, 2 work days later. We understand there may be some expeditions for some late scheduled meetings but it will behoove you to have it done by JUNE 7 if at all possible.
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  • Wednesday, May 29: 2nd Annual WLWV & Medical/Mental Health Providers Luncheon
  • Wednesday, May 29: 6:00-7:30 Adult Transition Services Completion Celebration, The Kiva
  • Thursday, May 30: 5:00-7:00 WLWV Retirement Celebration, Al Kadar
  • Monday, June 3: AAC Parent & Student Fun Night 4:00-5:30, Stafford Primary
  • Tuesday, June 4: Inclusive Learning Walks, Sunset Primary & Athey Creek Middle
  • Tuesday, June 4: WLHS Graduation, University of Portland, Chiles Center
  • Wednesday, June 5: Art Tech HS Graduation, Clackamas Community College
  • Thursday, June 6: WHS Graduation, Rolling Hills Church
  • Friday, June 7: SLP Meeting, 7:30 am DO
  • Friday, June 7: Student Services End of Year Celebration, 3:30-6ish, JSI’s place
  • Tuesday, June 11: Last day for students