Environmental Scientist

Science,Techology, Engineering, By: Ella

Reasons why I choose this career...

-I love science! Science is my passion!

-I love discovering new things

-I am very curious about how things work

Training and Education

Degree required: Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, or Professional degree

No other training is required!

Work Environment


Usually indoors, sometimes outdoors


Work in offices and laboratories, may spend time in field gathering data

Type of dress for work?

Lab coat, safety vest{outdoors}

Individual/Group work?

Group work

Job Description

Salary: $ 66,250 per year, $31.85 per hour

Job Outlook: Yes! This job will be needed in the future!


-Determine data collection methods for research projects

-Collect environmental data samples of air, soil, food and more

-Analyze samples, surveys, and other information

-Develop plans to prevent, control, fix environmental problems

-Provide info and guidance to government officials , businesses and the general public


Do you still have an interest in pursuing this career after completing your research?

YES! Of course! I would love to help the environment in every single way I can! THIS IS MY DREAM JOB!