Pubic Lice

Danielle D. 7

What is pubic lice?

Pubic lice are tiny insects that crawl from the pubic hair of one person to another person.

How is pubic lice transmitted?

Pubic lice is transmitted during sex.

What are the symptoms of pubic lice?

  • Intense itching
  • tiny gray-white insects or eggs
  • blue-gray bites on thighs and pubic area

What are the treatments of pubic lice?

A treatment is a doctor or gynecologist may prescribe medication. Or you can buy a over the counter medication that kills the lice and their eggs.

What are problems that come with pubic lice?

One problem is uncomfortable itching and more lice can be produced if not treated right away.

How can you prevent lice?

  • Do not have sex with anyone that has or has had pubic lice
  • wash clothing and bed sheets in hot water often
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