Best Author Ever


For my report I chose Dr.seuss. His real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel. Dr.seuss was born on March 2,1904. In Springfield, Massachusetts. His family owns a brewery, And his parents won trophies for shooting. Every morning ted's dad took him to practice shooting. A few years later he went to Dartmouth College. He met Helen Palmar there and later got married to her.


He got in to Dartmouth College which fifilled his moms dream. He got married to Helen Palmar. He became a cartoonists. He wrote his first book it was called And to think I saw it on millberry street. He became an author. He wrote his last book it was called you are only old once.


He wrote and published 49 books! He was so creative he also illustrated all of them! Green Eggs and Ham and How The Grinch stole Christmas were made in the same year! In Green Eggs and Ham he only used 50 different words. His nickname was Ted.


I think he is funny. He is funny because his books make me laugh. He is also very talented. He is not just an author, but an illustrator as well.