Perfect Place

Welcome to the best place on Earth.

Rules and Laws

1. No sins may ever be committed. This is a sinless place.

2.Everybody must be brainwashed upon entering the city.

3. No animals will ever be killed.

4. Everybody must have a friendly disposition.

5. Money is obslete.

6. Thinking sinful thoughts are prohibitied

7. Swearing is prohibitied

8. No dating.

9. Everybody must follow the above rules and laws


1. You are free to talk and go wherever as you please.

2. You may be friends with whoever you want.

3. You may do anything not sinful.


We are conivently located between Timbuktu and the Ozark Mountains.

What do we look like?

Heaven on Earth.

Buildings- There are no skyscrapers or train stations because they use up precious resources and consume too much energy. Each citizen lives in a biodegradable home with recycled furniture inside the home. Each citizen is given only four gallons of water to use a day.

Terrain- With the advent of custom terrain, we have been able to create each terrain found on earth within our 789 square mile land. We have mountains towards the southeast for skiing. Swamps for boating and for catch-release style fishing. Our most popular and used terrain is our beachfront towards the north. The beach stretches for three miles with white sand for comfort on your feet. The residential is mostly a flat terrain similar to a desert but with a temperature cooled to the mid 70's.

Transportation- Since cars, semis,trains and planes are dangerous we have resorted to using only horseback to get from A to B. Each citizen is given a small pony at birth and then is given a horse when they turn ten.

Below is a picture of one homes.

Big image

Family Life

Each family must only have one child. The selection processes of mates is quite simple. They must only be truly in love in order to be consider proper mates. They may not divorce because that is a sin and children can only be created under love and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Each family must also abide under the rules of no sinning. If any family member sins they will be disgraced for all eternity

Educational System

The child will be given a yearly IQ test to determine where they should be placed in their classes among other children. The more intellectual children will be placed in upper leveled classes while others will be placed in lower levels; so they can keep up with slower pace. Every child is also required to be friends with all the other children ;it is a sin to quarrel after all. After school, the children may do whatever they want and any university.

Some of the upper leveled classes include.

- Calculus

- Advanced reading

-Spanish, French and German (opt.)

-Chemistry/ Physics

-History of our Land

-Adv. Computer technology


Some of the lower leveled classes include.


- Basic reading



-Basic computer technology


Horse and Rider

Pictured here is a horse and rider on the outskirts of the hill and plain terrains. Horseback riding may only happen during the daylight hours.
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Health Systems

If one gets sick they will attend the doctors office for treatment. More serious illnesses/injuries will be taken care of at a hospital in the middle of the town.

Job Options

You must chose your job based on how well you do in school. If you slack you may work a resturant the rest of your life. If do well in school, you may end up owning a resturant. You chose your own future based on your decsions.

Money Distrubation

Money is obsolete in our community. Money is also the world's sin and to have and can lead to many people with egotistical minds that think because they have more money, meaning more power. Instead we are judge based on our own merits and accomplishments. Each person is already given all they need in their life such as clothing, food and shelter so "getting things" is not an option


To not be equal is a sin. Everybody has equal chances as everybody else and everybody is treated the same.


Every race is allowed and accepted with open arms. Every race is treated equal and everybody loves everybody. It is a sin not to otherwise.

The Past

The past has already happened and can be irrelevant in a moving world. Anything sinful that was done in the pass is disregarded immediately. The pass plays no role into how our sinless society functions, though we do believe from learning from it.