Mrs. Palmer's Newsletter


Recently, completing homework as become a major issue with students in my classroom. As their parents, I need you to be proactive with this problem. Please make sure you are checking their agendas and/or the class website every night to see what homework your child may have. Remember that I also stamp agendas when students fail to hand in homework, so make sure you are checking agendas nightly as well, not only for homework, but also to be signing it nightly. Also, if your child is absent, they need to make sure they are doing the make up work I give them and handing it back in. If they do not, the grade will be a zero. Finally, beginning next week, if a student does not have their homework, they will be calling you to let you know (class time permitting). Let's get the kids back on track; next year in middle school will be even harder and with more homework!

School is in session...

Originally, there was no school on Friday, March 14th. However, due to all of the snow days, students are required to be in school this day.

Spring Forward!

Don't forget to spring your clocks forward 1 hour this weekend!

In class...

Reading: We are working on finding main idea of nonfiction texts.

Writing: We are going to begin narrative writing. We will be writing a fairy tale based on actual characters and settings from real fairy tales.

Social Studies: We are learning about the events that led up to the Revolutionary War.

Math: We are learning to subtract fractions and mixed number fractions. A unit test will be coming up soon.