Representations of Motherhood

What I Have Learned

Semester Learning

There was a lot to take from this class throughout this semester. We learned about how mothers have been portrayed over the years in the United States, local and global news about mothers, and about what kind of role these women play in business ads, movies, television, books, and music.

What I Found Interesting.

I would have to say the topic that I found most interesting would have to be a tie between our discussion over mothers in music and mothers in movies. Those were also the assignments that I enjoyed the most. I really love music and being able to break down a song and describe how it made me feel about motherhood and my own mom was awesome. I feel like song lyrics are an incredible way to share emotion without having to physically say it to someone, so I thought that it was really neat that I could make a video of pictures of my mother and I that would tell her how special she is and how much I love her.

I also thought that the mothers in the movies assignment was super fun. I got to watch Home Alone again and get a more adult understanding of Kevin's mother. When I was younger I thought it was so unlikely that someone would lose/leave their kid, but the older I have gotten I can understand some of the things that she did throughout the movie. All-in-all these two assignments were the most fun and interesting in my opinion.

My Impression of This Class.

This class was very much something that I was not expecting. I learned a lot about motherhood in this class and it made me see what my mother and grand mothers have done in a different light. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and all of the assignments that came with it. This is absolutely a class that I would recommend to any student, male or female. The class was really very fun and informative.