The Tangerine Times

By: Zach Johansen

What's New

Muck fires have been really odory in Tangerine County, Florida and since the Fisher family has just moved from Houston to Tangerine County they don't know about the everlasting muck fire. The muck fire started a couple years ago in the forest and it never goes out, ever! So the house the Fishers moved in to the muck fire odor is very visible to the noses of the Fisher family. So the mom calls the fire department asking them to put out the smoking smell she smells. She doesn't know the smell was coming from the muck fire until the fire department came and told her and Paul. Erik has a new best friend named Arthur Bauer and he is Erik's new best friend and Arthur is also on the football team but the is a third-string benchwarmer. Th weird part about this Arthur and Erik relationship is that Arthur's sister is Erik's new girlfriend. The three of them together go mud bogging and always have a good time together and i am here just sitting back at home doing nothing, and I am soooooooo bored. The next bad thing that happens to me is that I make the middle school soccer team which is good. But they wont let me play because the insurance doesn't cover for "special needs" kids. Which in my opinion is so stupid and needs to be changed because who cares if you are disabled or not, if you are good at soccer and good enough to make the team you should be able to play. Mike Costello also passed away in a unexpected way.

Erik Fisher Football Dream Update

Erik and Paul's lives are completely different, Erik is a active' popular, football star and on the other hand Paul is a shy, quiet, try to fit in guy. The first point lets talk about is the friendships with others. Erik is a guy that could make friends with anybody in the world and make them want to be best friends with him because he is athletic and fun to be around. Now to Paul he is a guy that he will have to do something for someone or get noticed by something to even talk and try to make friends. Now lets do the athleticism between the two. They both play a sport but not the same sport. Erik is the star placekicker and he is a really good kicker to he practices everyday in the backyard with a football and a net and improves his game everyday. Paul now plays soccer and he is pretty good at it but the school team will not let him play because he is "special needs" which is so dumb if you are good you should be allowed.


On a calm day and just normal day Paul came home from school and his mother had a sorrow grim. Paul said what is the matter and the mother just came clean with him and said "Son, I have some bad news for you, Mike Costello passed away from the lightning strike." Paul had a dead stare on his mother and he was in dis pare. He felt so bad for his friend. The mother was really mad at the coach continuing with the soccer practice going on in the storms. The left side of Mike's body was burned off by the lightning strike. The mother has called a meeting with the whole team and coach about scheduling the practice times. During the funeral service for my whole family was sending him the best of wishes for the world above. The next day Paul and Joey (Mike's brother) went to the fair and tried to get the Mike passing away thing behind them.


ATTENTION TANGERINE COUNTY 6TH GRADE THROUGH 8TH GRADE SOCCER PLAYERS!!! If you are interested into joining the soccer program in Tangerine County go to Spring Jump Park located at 2846 Maple Breeze Dr.

  • The games for this league will be plated on Saturdays and Sundays in between 8:00 and 4:00
  • Like I said earlier, between 6th and 8th grade
  • There will be tryouts on September 12, 2015 from 1:00 to 4:00
  • Bring to tryouts: Cleats, Shin Guards, A past years jersey, and a soccer ball regulation size
  • If you make the team you will receive team cleats, of course a jersey, team bag, and a warm up jacket.
Thank you, hope to get a lot of kids to come and try out!

MOYA Close Up

This book you can say has more than a couple issues with the brothers or just in general.

The first issue I will be talking about is how Paul is always getting yelled at and shouted at for Erik's mistakes. Here is an example, of one from about a chapter ago. Paul clean up all the dishes you left out from dinner tonight. Paul replies back "It wasn't me it was Erik." The thing is she never believes Paul when it is always Erik. That just ticks me off!!! The end result is Paul doing it for something he did not do. Another issue is when Mike Costello passed away from a lightning strike that was sudden. It was a stormy night and the idiotic coach of the soccer teams makes the team practice during the storm. When Mike was taking a break leaning on the soccer goal post, a sudden lightning strike strikes and it hits the soccer goal post and strikes Mike when he is on it. The whole left side of Mike's body was completely burned off and he ended up passing away that night. The last issue is Erik getting anything he wants for being athletic. He got his own net for practicing on his kicks when we have other stuff to utilize instead of a dumb net. Paul gets absolutely nothing and just makes him very mad.