Girls on Boy Teams

By: Jazmine D.

Did You Know.....

  • Toni Stone, was the First Woman To Play Big-League Baseball
  • The first girl to play on an all boy’s high school team is

    Nellie Twardzik.

The BAD and the good!

Reasons Why Girls play on Boy Teams.

  • Girls sometimes like playing with Boys to see how they work with different gender's.
  • Girls have rights and can choose if they want to play sports with boys or not.

The BAD thing about Girls playing on Boy teams.

  • Some Boys think that some Girls are not good for the team.
  • Girls should get an equal turn for playing sports with Boys.
  • They cant have no special treatment

Girls should SO play on Boy teams.

  • They have the same rights to do what they want to do, even though a Girls physical fitness may not be as good as a Boys.
  • DON'T let any body bring you down!

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Girls Playing On Boy's Teams