Kalyn Krazy Sushi Restraunt

asking for $190,000

Need to sale ASAP and price is negotiable

Were going out of buisness

Asking for new owners and potential buyers for our building. We would hope to have you continue the business but if not once you buy the building it's yours to do with whatever you want or need. Hoping for strong business Men and or Women to continue our humble restaurant. We only sell with great grief as we are moving out of the country to fulfill lifelong ambitions.

$190,000 but willing to negotiate

kalyns Krazy Sushi

Need to sale fast!!

More informatin

Everything in the restaurant is up and running and it its still ready to serve as a successful business. Again it is with great grief that we sale but after weighing pros and cons of both sides we decided that this would be the best option for us at the moment. The business was very successful and would make any new owners very happy. We did the hard part of starting the business from scratch now all you have to do is keep it running.