legislate to legalize (weed)

Legalize and Reduce

This new law would allow the recreational and medical use of marijuana (cannabis) to people over the age of 18. This act would only be effective in the state of Oregon and apply to the residence of Oregon. A tax would be put on marijuana for recreational use, part of that tax would go to setting up places for use, much like the shops in Amsterdam. This bill would also strip all other drugs of their felony charges and make them misdemeanors with high fines that would be put towards funding rehab organizations.


Every year upwards of 15 billion dollars is spent fighting the war on drugs. Marijuana being a very popular drug it would cut a huge amount from this deficit and if taxed properly, would actually cut into the money spent. The reduction of charge from felony to misdemeanor for the other drugs would keep people out of the already crowded jail systems that pull from tax payers each year, with approximately one million people or more put into jail each year because of drugs.
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