Dear Editor,

Both of these Publication company stretchered the truth, into territory they shouldn't have done. These two company's the New York World and New York Journal both were equal contributors. These two company's expanded the truth about Spanish rule and Cuban rebels. This made the United States people want to help Cuba with their independence. Re- concentration camps were also another problem in the public's eyes. The Spanish leader forced tens of thousands of Cubans in these camps. These camps were unsanitary and diseases ridden, causing many deaths. Then soon the United State public found out about these, encouraging to help them even more.


For this event in history was somewhat of a coincidence. One thing that happened during this time,was a letter was written to a Cuban by a friend and it somehow got stolen and wrote about in the "Journal."This letter was called The de Lôme letter. Another occurrence way the sinking of the USS Maine in the Havana harbor. President McKinley sent the Maine to Cuba to protect the American interests. There Spain blew up the ship causing more hatred toward Spain.The united states made one last attempt to try and make peace with Spain. This as to give Cuba their independence, but they rejected it that is what made the United States declare war on Spain.


As a solider in this war, I see this battle as a whole. While the United States was fighting the war with Spain they were also fighting at the battle of San Juan Hill in Cuba. Also men called Rough Riders were handpicked by Roosevelt. These people were a mix of college athletes and western cowboys, they helped fight in this war on the American side. This battle was pretty bad, there were 5,500 casualties in the war on the Americans side. Mostly from tropical diseases. The United States had won a major victory in its first overseas war.


This cartoon is regarding the clashing view on the Philippines in the presidential election of 1900. Democrat William Bryan wanted the island to be independent, while this was happening McKinley declared that American control was needed to keep peace. On the left is a Philippine man chopping down the American flag while president William Bryan is on the right side. He is trying to out up the American flag. This is causing disputes and arguments among the United States and Philippines. The term Platte Amendment is regarding withdrawing the United states at the end of the Spanish-American war. The other term that is important is anti-imperialist League this is and organization established on the Spanish-American war.