Human Loneliness

Music was Invented to Confirm


Chapter 8, p. 49.

“Sometimes I watched the little monkeys practice jumping from tree to tree. . . . The sounds of branches snapping off trees became my music. There were certain days when the sounds of the branches breaking made a consistent rhythm that I would enjoy very much, and the sonority of it would echo for a while and would gradually fade into the depths of the forest.”

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  • Why we chose this quote?

- We chose this quote because it contains one of the five senses which is sound. It also portrays one of the major themes of this story, solitude.

  • Why you chose to depict the image in the way that you did?

- This image really makes you feel the emptiness within Ishmael and the forest. The Black and White effect makes it perfect for the emotion.

  • Why the quote is important to the story?

- The quote is important to the story because it represents the physical and emotional isolation that Ishmael was facing when he got lost 5 days in the forest. He found refuge with the sounds of nature which give him company and keep his mind busy.

We can relate!

Just as we sometimes feel lonely and do not have anyone to talk with their is always music that is perfect to us. Just put the music in full blast and feel the music with you.

-By: Cielo Segura and Deysy Vazquez