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Tech Talk and Apps for 1:1 and BYOT

Interesting Articles on One Classroom iPads

BYOT and App must-haves

Mackinvia App

Visit the app store and download the Mackinvia app to access many databases and ebooks. We now have over 500 ebooks for reading on computers or devices.

Red Laser QR Scanner App

This if my favorite app for scanning QR codes. It's reliable and easy to use. QR code codes will come in handy with BYOT so students won't have to type in a long URL.

Featured Apps


Thinglink is extremely visual and can be incorporated into any subject. We just used it in second, fourth and fifth grades and students were truly engaged. It's a website that now has a mobile app. With Thinglink, explanations can be added to any image.

Some uses in the classroom are:

1. Start a ThingLink at the beginning of a new unit and by the end, the students will have everything they need to review for the test.

2. Teachers can use ThingLink as a dashboard to collect all the multimedia they need for a particular lesson so they don’t have any wasted time while they’re teaching.

3. Students can make ThingLinks too, as an alternative to a traditional report or project, it makes thinking visible!


Chatterpix lets you upload or take a picture, add a mouth, and make it talk by recording your voice. This free app is very simple to use! Students can quickly demonstrate their knowledge and generate a neat little video. There is no need to create an account, the app is free and saves to your camera roll.

Some ways to use Chatterpix in the classroom are:

1. Have students respond to a question as the character from a book.

2. Add a multimedia element to any biography – inventor, historical figure, scientist...

3. Choose an historical image and have students give an interpretation or analysis by making something in the picture talk

4. Choose a picture of an animal and have students talk about how they fit into their food chain or ecosystem.

Epic for free children's books

Epic is an app or website that (getepic.com) provides unlimited books. Books can be read online, on a computer or a tablet, or even downloaded for off-line reading. Teachers set up student accounts once registration (easy) is complete. There is a whole interactive element as well, and students earn badges for certain actions, and as they progress, they have more options for things like customizing an avatar.

Unlike some “free ebook” apps for kids, where you can only get the obscure books that no one has ever heard of for free and you have to pay if you want to read something you recognize, Epic! boasts great titles like the Big Nate series, Berenstain Bears, Scaredy Squirrel, National Geographic Kids, as well as many Newberry Award Winners. They are getting new titles every week. Some books even have a "read to me feature." From fiction to nonfiction, Epic hosts everything from picture books and biographies to early chapter books for ages 1-12.