The Light Bulb Lab's

Big Ideas for the Week of May 2, 2016

Thank You!

Mrs. Frederick, Mr. McCullough, and Mrs. Thoma were so overwhelmed this week with all the Teacher Appreciation gifts. Every morning our students showed up eager to hand us something and then danced off to start their day. It happened so quickly that some of our amazing gifts came in with no name or got mixed up with others. We did not want to miss thanking any student, so please accept this video thank you for making us feel so special this week! We know how lucky we are to be your child's teacher...they are the true gift! Special thank you to Crystal Carstens, Lisa Freedman, Jen Miriello and Angela Menon for their work in planning such a special event.
Thank You!

Biography Project

This week we selected biographies for our Influential Person Project. Hopefully, you have reviewed the handout that came home explaining the project. Several students wrote down in their agenda that they might want to head over to the CML library to check out a few extra books. Every student at this point should know who they are studying. We will dig into this project this week, so if possible please send any extra books to school with them. They will have class time every day to read their biography. The only part of this project that needs to be done at home is selecting an outfit that represents the person they are studying. We did not make boys select boys or girls select girls so some students may want to dress up as someone's mother or father or another significant person in their influential person's life. We are here to help and this hopefully will not be anything too stressful! Email us with any questions. They will need this outfit the last week of school.

Measurement Update

This week we worked hard on measuring to the nearest 1/4 inch. This was pretty difficult for the group since most rulers have many more markings than just fourths and halves. Each student set a goal for themselves to practice outside of the classroom. Please take a few minutes this weekend and next week to have them measure a few items in your house to the nearest quarter inch (they can also practice measuring in centimeters and feet as well).
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