My Totalitarian Rules


  1. No stealing

  2. No smoking

  3. Respect the people around you

  4. No gluten

  5. Electronic time would be limited

  6. No fast food

  7. No drinking

  8. Each person must be a productive member of society in some way, if possible

  9. High School level education must be completed

  10. Don’t freak out

Rule Explinations/Consequences

1. Stealing can be disciplined by having something taken from you, a fine, or jail time.

2. Smoking can be disciplined by jail time, and a fine.

3. Not respecting the people around you is punishable by jail time and etiquette classes

4. Having gluten in your store or restaurant is punishable by a fine, and if you are a repeat offender, can

be punishable by having your store or restaurant shut down.

5. Going over your electronic time is punishable by having your devices shut down, except for emergency calls.

6. Your restaurant not complying to nutrition guidelines can result in a fine, or being shut down.

7. Drinking or producing alcoholic beverages can result in jail time, or fines.

8. Not being a productive member of society will be punished by jail time, to reflect on how to change your behavior.

9. Not completing your high school education will cause you to be supervised as you are in class, or jail time if deemed necessary.

10. "Freaking out" can result in jail time, to calm down and reflect.