Math I

Ups and Downs


  • Material presented in a way that students no longer ask "How am I going to use this"?
  • Math Practices are easily incorporated into daily lessons.
  • 21st Century Skills are easy to incorporate.
  • Allows for global awareness (part of teacher eval).
  • Core-Plus materials promotes scaffolding and allows students to see connections between lessons.
  • More student-led discussions in class and groups.
  • Students are actually learning - not just memorizing.
  • Students are asking thought-provoking questions - not just what is the answer or is this right.
  • Students are taking risks - learning that it is okay to be wrong, sometimes that is how we learn.


  • You will be a first-year teacher again.
  • Knowing what material (questions/investigations/lessons) to really spend time on.
  • Working in groups - students may become too dependent on their peers, personalities that do not match, students that don't want to work.
  • Not as many "hands on" activities as first presented.
  • Wording of the text is sometimes difficult for students to understand.
  • Practice materials must be supplemented - textbook does not have traditional "practice problems".
  • Course is majorly open-ended thought-provoking questions that require the use of calculators, while the EOC is multiple choice, constructed (grid-in) response, partially calculator inactive.