Chapter 16, Section 1

Russia and the Western Republics

A history of expansion

Russia's growth had lasting eggiest on nearby land and peoples. The russia state began in the region between the baltic and black sea. Since Russia's growth was rapid, their Science and Technology lagged far behind.

Building a Command Economy

The communist were inspired by Karl Marx, a German philosopher. A command economy is where the central goverment makes all the important economic decisions. The government also created collective farms. wich large amounts of people would work on.
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A rich culture

the region has a rich variety of ethnic groups because of the many peoples absorbed during the centuries of russian expansion. Their are over 70 ethnic groups that live in russia. They have a lot of artistic buildings and etc...
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Tradition and Change in russian life

since the collapse of the soviet union the region is more open to outside influences. They are now open too new foods and books, magazines, and newspapers. only a quarter of russia's people lives in rural areas.