Salem Witch Trials and Ebola Virus

The True story

Hysteria in Massachusetts

The spring of 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts several girls were accused of being possessed by the devil, and practicing witchcraft. This was a big deal because if accused of being a witch, and be proven guilty you were getting hung. Hysteria spread throughout Massachusetts and a special court convened the cases. Bridget Bishop was the first to be convicted, and she was the first to get hung that June. Eighteen others from salem were also accused and ended up getting hung also. More than 150 more men, women and children were also accused through out those several months in Massachusetts. Later that year hysteria began to abate and public opinion began to turn against the trials. The Massachusetts general court later annulled guilty verdicts against accused witches and granted protection to the families who have lost a love one who did not turn out to be a witch. Pain and guilt haunted Massachusetts for centuries after.


October 20, 2014 there was a huge threat of Ebola in Africa but there was high paranoia of the infection in the United states. There were eight cases regarding the case in Liberia, Sierra, and the United states. Each Patient was either infected or, came i contact with Thomas Eric Duncan a liberianWho was the sole fatality who brought the infection to the U.S. The chances of the U.S. catching the infection was very slim. The government wasn't really worried about the Ebola. They we're mostly concerned about the flu because 1976-2007 the flu has killed between 3,000-49,000 U.S. citizens. Flu shots were a far bigger concern.
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Both Hysteria have similarities such as they both had an increased amount of deaths. They also had media involved with the events. During 1692 the witchcraft event shook the whole country during that time and even made a negative impact in other countries. The Ebola Started in Africa and worked its way to the U.S. The differences between the two are that the witch trials was settled i a court but the Ebola virus just vanished in the U.S. after a few months.
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