Plate tectonics

By Elijah Smith

Explanation of how convection currents cause plate motion and continental drift.

If you have a warm liquid moving up and over it's going to constantly shift those plates outward. Since there are plates next to it it is going to push those too.

Plate Motion at all 4 types of plate boundaries.

One plate boundary is divergent, and this is when two plates move away from each other creating earthquakes and magma rises and this forms a volcano. Another plate is convergent, and convergent is when two plates move forward causing an earthquake and a mountain range. The 3rd one is the subduction zone is when the oceanic crust goes down and continental crust goes up. This also makes an earthquake. The last one is transform, transform is when two plates are side by side and the make something like friction and this makes earthquake.

A description of convection currents.

Convection currents happen when the mantle comes in contact with the outer core, it is going to heat up. The hot liquid will rise because it is now less dense. As the mantle rises towards the crust, which is going to want to shift over and cool down. Generally this cycle will restart over again.