Grade 5 C.E. Scoop

What a Wonderful Time...

Quarter 1 & 2 Newsletter

By: Doha El-Akkad, Mustafa Ali

Discover Yourself!

We've tackled a lot of interesting topics during the past semester with a concentration on self-discovery!


Coming in the time of Eid, this theme helped open the eyes of our students to the fact that one feels happy when s/he makes others happy! What goes around comes around.

We learnt that happiness multiplies when shared and that it could come in many forms; family, friends, money, trips, smiles.. etc.

A group helped in wrapping the gifts for “Operation Smile” project, the other group made EID cards for random people at school (matrons, cleaners, .. etc.)


We learnt that we all do mistakes, we have some in common and some aren’t, We don’t judge others according to their mistakes, hate the action don’t hate the person.

We all shared some of our mistakes and saw that most of us one day did the same mistake though we are not bad people.

We learnt that it’s how you deal with your mistake that matters!

*Activity - Walking across the room:

We all lined up and a situation was mentioned "if you have ever claimed that you have something that you didn't have for real, walk across the room". Whoever did that before, including us, the teachers!, would walk across the room and come back.

The situations differed from trivial ones like; you've ever ran to the bathroom because you really needed to go, to some more specific to the problems that we face with our kids like; you've ever told someone you've prayed while you really haven't.

A discussion followed about how we all do mistakes and there is no need to judge then how to fix them, which is the part that actually matters.

Don’t judge others because they sin differently.


There are three types of personalities we all embody in different situations:

1.Adult: sharing responsibilities and treat others the same way you'd like to be treated

2.Child: engage actively in a game (+ve). Act childishly when conflicts occur(-ve).

3.Controller: Have positive leadership skills, advice people in a nice way (+ve). Act bossy and make others feel they're not as good (-ve).


We've learnt that we have responsibility towards ourselves; our happiness, our well-being, our development and achievements and so on. We should not blame others or the situation.

We gave an example with Nick Vujicic; the man that was born with no arms or legs, just a little abnormal foot with 2 toes and how he managed to be happy, play sports, prepare his own food, be a very good motivational speaker.

We've also discussed how we have a responsibility towards other, to be good friends, to help who ever needs help and be good role models.

We made a RESPONSIBILITY DAY for grade 5 where they had different responsibilities with younger students at school, some at early childhood and some with grades 1 and 2 helping with their readings, solving problems, writing down something, depending on what the teacher needed.



We discussed what is the etiquette the we should be following while:

Visiting patients.

Entering a room, a house or any place with a closed door, how to take permission to enter and how to call people properly

* At school

* At home

* With phone calls


*Danger of social media

-Monitor your kid's exposure to social media to avoid or handle properly; cyber bullying, early exposure, non-age-appropriate materials, games, language or info .. etc

-Your kids know more than you expect!

*Types of behavior(nature & nurture), so we won't be surprised why our kids are acting this way.

*Different types of personality(as a parent and as a child and our differences)

*Multiple Intelligence (as a kid): Try to know the type of intelligence of your child and help them develop it.

Intelligence type

1. Linguistic

words and language

2. Logical-Mathematical

logic and numbers

3. Musical

music, sound, rhythm

4. Bodily-Kinesthetic

body movement control

5. Spatial-Visual

images and space

6. Interpersonal

other people's feelings

7. Intrapersonal