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Social Studies


I have really enjoyed getting to know the new 7 Burgundy students this week! We have quite a few students who are new to the building too.

The first unit of study will include a review of geography skills and early man. You can expect a 'get to know me' activity for your child coming soon...also a great opportunity to practice their public speaking skills.

We will focus on civilizations and cultures located in the Eastern Hemisphere, along with sharpening our non-fiction reading and writing skills.

My website is the best place to check for homework and project info., as well as copies of worksheets

I look forward to working with your children AND learning from them this year.

Language Arts


My name is Elizabeth Busler, and I will be your son or daughter’s Language Arts teacher for the month of August. I am expecting my second child in early September, so I will be working with this year’s Burgundy team for only a brief time.

In that time, however, I am trying to fit in as much as I can! We are already off and running with our poetry unit, which should be completed by the time my long-term substitute, Mrs. Minks, starts on September 3rd. Our poetry unit has started off with some note taking, learning about the form, rhythm, rhyme, and sound devices that poets employ in their work. There will be an open-note quiz on Friday, August 23rd, and students will be working in partner pairs. There will be a second open-note quiz on Friday, August 30th.

As we progress through the unit, I will be reading Love That Dog by Sharon Creech out loud to the students. We will discuss the poems mentioned in the book and follow Jack, the 5th grade hero, through his experience with poetry as he learns about it and begins to tell his own story. Your son or daughter will have the opportunity to do the same as they work on their Poetry Portfolio Project, which will be due on September 3rd.

Please don’t forget that students’ summer reading brochures are due on August 30th. Information about this assignment is available on my website as well as the school website. If you’d like to view our class calendar or to find copies of any class documents, they can be found on my teacher website. I can be reached via email if you have any questions or concerns; my address is elizabeth.busler@asd20.org.

It’s been a pleasure getting to know your kids this week, and I’m looking forward to getting to know them even better through this poetry unit!

Elizabeth Busler


Welcome parents and students. It has been great getting to know the students so far the first week of school. I can already tell that we are going to have a great school year together. I teach two levels of math, Pre-algebra 7 and Algebra 1A, and therefore do not post nightly homework on my website. There will even be some nights when my two Pre-algebra 7 or two Algebra 1A classes have different homework so it is important that students are copying their homework off my board in class every day. However, when the time comes projects and upcoming tests will be posted to my website. Our first units of study will be:

Pre-algebra 7: We will be spending most of the first quarter working with rational numbers. Their first unit will focus specifically on integer operations (positive and negative whole numbers).

Algebra 1A: Our first unit focuses on problem solving and introduces some of the main topics we will be covering throughout the year. This will be a quick unit and then we will jump right into algebra standards. We will start with simplifying expressions, combining like terms, and working with variables.


Greetings! I just want to welcome you to 7 Burgundy. This group of kiddos seem to be some of the sweetest students, and I can't wait to get to know them over the course of this year.

To give you a little bit of information on myself:

This is my seventh year at Eagleview Middle School and favorite place to work!!

I have two boys named Logan (4 yrs old) and Nolan (7 months old).

I'm a science/technology geek...and animal fanatic (hence my photo)

This year's science class will focus on Life Science (First Semester will be on Ecology and Second Semester will be on Human Body Systems). Yes, this is the year of dissections!!!

This month, we will be starting Scientific Processes and how they work. Please look at my website to really find out daily activities and homework assignments. I try to keep my calendar up to date as much as possible.


I also like to use as much technology as possible, but we provide plenty of opportunities to use the technology within the school. Hopefully, you child will share with you all the exciting things he or she are doing/completing in science this year.

Back to School Night

Tuesday, Sep. 3rd 2013 at 5pm

Wingspace at Eagleview Middle School

Hope to see you all there!