Nagi's Penguins

Company that makes containers for children's toys

We are located at

3863 Bank Street Riverdale, GA 30673

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What we do

Here, we create containers for children's toys, like toy boxes, but instead of the regular same old rectangular box, we create a variety of sizes of containers, ranging from a cube to a cone. We take pride into building these containers that will benefit the kids, who are can learn to clean up, adults who could maintain the organized space, and me, who will take delight into people enjoying my product.


In making these containers , we use find a great use of volume, which is the measure of space within the solid figure. Volume is what helps us great these many containers, and we wouldn't be able to make these containers without them.

About the Product

My product, as I've said before, are containers for children's toys. We like to make them into all different shapes. Some of our most popular containers are the cube, cylinder, and rectangular containers as pictured above. We make them depending on the customer's given dimensions and taste. After that of which, we deliver the order to a happy customer. It doesn't take much, though dimensions up to 5 feet in height and 5 feet and 5 feet for the radius, for example, take up to two days to complete, while we can finish 5 cm in height to 5 cm for the radius in about 20 minutes.