Staying In-the-Know

with Mrs. Drayton

Dutch Fork Elementary The Academy of Environmental Sciences, Title I


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Upcoming Dates

  • Interims, and standardized test scores will come home tomorrow. Please keep all of these documents for your records, and sign the report card cover and return it on Monday.
  • Green Apple Day of Service - 9/25/15
  • Fall Picture Day - 10/6
  • Walk to School Day - 10/7
  • Parent Conference Days - Thursday, 10/8/15 & Monday, 10/12/15

Curriculum Night

Literacy & SS

Has your child shared any of their writing with you? If not, ask him or her what we've been doing to begin filling up our journals in fun ways. Last week, we began with writing top ten lists and quick writes. Soon, we will build on our memories by focusing on an idea from our quick writes. Our writing has led to opportunities to discuss:

· The importance of verbally telling stories to prepare us to put the story in written format.

· The notion of sketching pictures of our ideas before we tell or write our stories.

Discussions and questions with students inspired me to introduce them to the wondrous works of Maya Angelou. So, this week we are continuing to build deeper comprehension skills by reading and analyzing poems such as "Caged Bird" and "One More Round". The poems I've chosen to share are very appropriate for the time period we're investigating, and they are from Dr. Angelou's poetry anthology for young people.

Last week, I administered the Reconstruction unit test. Since this was their very first 5th grade social studies test, I taught them how to underline key words and figure out what the question is asking. We also discussed how to eliminate unfavorable answer choices. This makes the process longer, but it will pay off when it's time for standardized assessments. This week, we will build on our knowledge of the Reconstruction time period as we prepare to move into Westward Expansion.

Almost everything we've been doing in ELA has been a great support for your child as they prepared for this assessment, and their Social studies notes should have been a helpful resource! With all this said, I am expecting phenomenal results that prove your child is growing as a historian, thinker, and communicator!

Writer's Workshop

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Reading Workshop

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Math & Science


As mathematicians, we have started Chapter 5 in our math book. Chapter 5 is centered around adding and subtracting decimals. This week we used strategies to round decimals. We also learned how to estimate the sum and difference of decimals. While learning about decimals we are continuing to enhance our problem solving strategies. As mathematicians we are using the Four Step Plan to solve math problems. The Four Step Plan goes through four steps - understanding, making a plan, solving the problem, and checking the problem. Next week we will learn how to add and subtract decimals using models and manipulatives. Please be sure mathematicians are using their online resources at home.


We are beginning our Landforms and Oceans Unit of Study! We began by building understanding of constructive and destructive forces. The connections made between the Reconstruction Unit of Study have been amazing! This week kicked off with research around the topics of weathering, erosion, and deposition. Your children have been doing an amazing job of mining through the text for important information and posing questions to further our research. Please be certain that your child is studying their notes every night. We are very excited about our daily findings and the notes will build quicky.

DHEC Presentation

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Grandparents/Grandfriends/Special Visitors Day

Student Authors & Showcase

All About Logan D

By: Lauren J

HI my name is Lauren and I interviewed Logan D.He's a very interesting guy I learned a lot about him today I will tell you all about him.Logan has 4 people in his family including him.his dads name is Ashely, his moms name is Nancy,His sister's name is Makayla he has two dogs Bailey and bella.

The most interesting facts about Logan is that is his favorite color is red also he wants to play lacrosse when he gets older.His hobby is baseball he loves it and talks about it all the time.Did you know Logan likes i survived books i didn't.Inconclution I learned a lot about logan because he's a pretty interesting guy.

If you can assist...

Our class will be helping in the Secret Garden tomorrow. Please send your wearing long pants and closed toed shoes. You may want to spray your child with bug spray in the morning.

Green Apple Day of Service

Green Apple Day of Service gives individuals, companies and organizations the opportunity to transform all our schools into healthy, safe, cost-efficient and productive learning places. The Green Apple initiative is powered by volunteers who participate in community-based efforts; promoted by media partners, like-minded NGOs and high-profile ambassadors. The Green Apple Day of Service was created to get community volunteers involved in improving areas in need. For DFES, Academy of Environmental Sciences, this day will be used to get volunteers to help us with the three projects we need help with.

Green Apple Day of Service

7900 Broad River Road

Irmo, SC 29063

8:00 am until 3:00 pm

Friday, September 25

We have three projects that we are interested in getting help from this year.

1. Fall weeding and re-mulching The Secret Garden

2. Clean up on the nature trail for the fall

3. Placing pavers around the greenhouse and adding a cover to the floor of the greenhouse

Contact information

Please email or call Emily to register your help so we will know how many to expect!

Emily Perkins