Internal Newsletter (March)

Purposeful, Action Oriented and Collaborative.

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Back to university life...

We are having a long break and great moments during the semester break. But, it is time for us to get back to university and get the things moving. There are assignments, projects and many other stakeholders who will interrupt our life and seek for our attentions.....

It has being a makan-makan month

Makan-makan gathering is always the best place to connect the team together, especially when we are discussing something out of AIESEC context. It is the best way to know people more as it is the best place to "blow water" (literally translate from cantonese, which means bragging)

It has being a hardworking month

To be honest, all of us have 24 hours per day to let us finish our task and commitments. But, they choose to define AIESEC as higher priority and commit their time selflessly in order to achieve a bigger goal. It is very thrilling to see all of us work together as a team. It makes me reaffirm with the fundamental of team definition:

You may walk fast if you walk alone, but you will walk far if WE walk together.

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Current month update:


3. SOP for OGX (With SOP, we are consistent)

4. Internal raising with TM. OGX gathering (bo jio!! hahaha)

Next month update:

1. UCTS EPRD (UCTS = University College of Technology Sarawak)

2. UMS EPRD (UMS = Universiti Malaysia Sabah)

3. Matching internal raising members (Lai, fast fast find project and fast fast buy cheap ticket.)

4. EP LEAD with TM

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Current month update:

18-19 UiTM RD (Amelia)
21-22 BCCK education fair (Timothy)

23-25 First round RD UNIMAS (Mandy)
30March -1st April 2nd round RD UNIMAS (Mandy)

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1) Launching for Claiming SOP
2) Compendium Finalisation
3) IAD engagement (IAD = International Affair Division, located at CAUH)
4) Introduction of cold calling tracker


Current month:

1) Follow up with our Why Waste Food Project's stakeholders as our project timeline has been changed.

2) Preparing for slides for Why Waste Food Project

3) Attended decomposing food waste work shop during 22nd March 2015 to gain knowledge on food waste and ways to decompose food organically.

4) Our project for Why Waste Food has been delayed.

Next month:

1) Engagement for more NGOs. Aim to engage 5 NGOs and raise 5 projects.

2) Timeline Planning for all PBox and NGOs.

3) Food Waste Workshops for high schools.

4) OC recruitment for summer peak.

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1. AG for EPRD

2. Planning on upcoming session

3. Recruitment for OC

4. IXP together with OGCP


1. Assist in EPC (EP Conference)


3. Session Planning Training

4. Facilitate EP Experience Training

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We have our Extraordinary General Meeting at 14th of March at Ruang Kedai FK. The candidates inspired the plenary with their brave action and vision. To me, I imagine it like an graduation ceremony. All of the things that I learnt for the past 6 months in AIESEC journey put into evaluation to determine whether I am wasting my time in AIESEC or not. Even if I does not pass VoC, at least I knew that I am not getting 0 marks for it. I have learnt something from the journey. To me, it was an graduation ceremony because all of us were wearing formal. :P
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During EPRD 2.0, we decided to ALL-IN. Started from crowdsourcing, where we generated new and innovative ideas, to we turn our idea into actionable concrete plans. Then, we executes our plans accordingly and eventually we make it during 1st of April.
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Of course, AIESECers demonstrates action-oriented brave action in their daily life also. Sometimes they promote AIESEC to random people, sometimes they took a selfie with random people too. :P
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From Zero to Hero

Remember back then we are starting from scratch at 0 EP, until now we have 52EPs and still counting.......

Although we have some goal for us to achieve, but what happen during achieving the goal is quite remarkable as all of us started from zero, until now, a hero that drive exchange.


The hero is often simply an ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances, who, despite the odds being stacked against him or her, typically prevails in the end. Each and everyone of us are undeniably an ordinary student. We can select an ordinary university life, go lecture and tutorial, stay in the room watching running man (I don't know why this example always being cited)....

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By engaging into a challenging environment, we had forced ourselves to stand out in extraordinary circumstances. We choose this extraordinary path and today, it is time to reflect back. We had being in this journey for 189 days (don't main main, I really count from day one...)

Remember how were you feeling when you received this email?

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Excited? Anxious? Sad? Happy?

This email serves as an invitation letter for you to join this extraordinary journey and begins your journey as a HERO

You started as an ordinary person with ordinary life.

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But you choose to live an extraordinary life

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and unleash your full potential in university life.

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If you choose to reject it at the first time.
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So, do you know yourself better now?

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From the Editor


Hello people!! Thank you for reading it until here. Formally speaking, I will have to express my appreciation and gratitude towards people who contributing me ideas and photos for this internal newsletter. But let's just set it aside and discuss about something more relevant to our organisation - Leadership.
Although the leadership definition may be varies by people, but the principle from behind is leading. There is a saying that says that leadership is defined when you are able to have followers to follow you. But, if your followers just blindly follow, then the team may ended up at "Holland".

Leadership is not an exclusive club for those who were "born with it". When I ask people why you don't run for VP position, these are the most answer I obtained from it.

I am not ready.

I am not born with leadership potential.

I fear...........................................................

Leadership is developed, not discovered. You can buy a few books that enlighten on leadership skills, but you must buy yourself a desire to lead.

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Difference among them?

  1. Knowing how to do the job is the accomplishment of labour.
  2. Showing others is the accomplishment of teacher.
  3. Making sure the work is done by others is the accomplishment of a manager.
  4. Inspiring others to do better work is the accomplishment of a leader.
Leadership is a special thing. Everyone talks about it; few understand it. Most people want it; few people achieve it. It does not means that if you know how to TALK leadership in a "canggih" way, you are the leader. It is a lifelong challenge.

To be honest, the higher you go, the higher the level of commitment. I have work in AIESEC stuff for more than 10 hours per week (SEE AIESEC. :p). I have reflected on it to find whether I am effective or not during the duration. I have to admit, not all of them are effective. But, it is life anyway, not all of the "agenda" that happens in our daily life need to be both effective and efficient.

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Sometimes life is like a pack of Nasi Lemak. You can't buy Nasi Lemak without its pandan leaves or plates. You must have it all, it is in one packet. There are always good and bad in the decision. You cannot have everything in a good place for you, just like you can't buy nasi lemak without nasi or without pandan leaves / plates.

However, I always ask myself some questions before I kick start the day.

What is required of me?

What gives me the greatest return?

What is the priority for the day?

Am I taking too much of that?

These questions are not meant to enhance productivity, but it is essential to make the day purposeful. Otherwise, one day gone and never come back again. Bye bye

I am not yet in the position that can empower and inspire other people easily, but I believe in the higher you go, the greater you growth. In Malay, we normally translate it into: "Belum Cuba Belum Tahu, Sekali Cuba Tiap-Tiap Hari Mau." :p

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Remember our goal har.....
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Say YES to our dream!!!

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"We develop action-driven youth leaders towards a united Malaysia"

Best Regards,

See Ke Han
Team Member 2014/2015
Talent Management

AIESEC in University Malaysia Sarawak

What do you think about this newsletter? Please kindly drop your feedback and comments to me at link attached below. ⬇️