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For unto us a Child is born......Isaih 9:6

'Tis the Season 🔔A Message from the Director!

Dear CDC Families,

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We're concluding the exciting year of 2022 and welcoming a new year. What better way to end the year than bringing families together to celebrate the community we share. And what an amazing community it is. We have had a number of amazing family events throughout this school year that just makes me so honored to be part of the CDC family. Our Thanksgiving Feast was truly a joy to participate in and to see all of the families eating with their children. I hope you all felt the gratitude that we have here as a team towards you and your family for all that you do! I want to personally thank all of you that came out, as it was an amazing turn out.

The spirit of Christmas is in the air. The children have been happily practicing their winter songs and preparing for the Christmas Program. The staff is putting up many festive decorations and your little ones will be making beautiful arts and crafts to hang on the classroom walls. We have planned many activities for the month of December to celebrate the season and to provide opportunities for our children to let their empathy for others blossom.

May this season bring glory to your life, peace to your mind, and joy to your heart!

Karla Woods

CDC Director

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Learning About Christmas

Does Everyone Celebrate Christmas the Same Way?

While there are many commonalities, countries around the world all celebrate Christmas in their own way. Carols on the beach? Shoes on the windowsill? Read on to learn more!

Tis the season for sickness!

With cold and flu season in full swing and Covid still lurking in the background, we would like to remind parents to please keep your child/ren home when a cold is more than a sniffle or tickle as the children have active days and it is discouraging when a child cannot keep up, it takes longer for them to get well if an illness is not properly taken care of and most importantly, the illness is then spread to others making it difficult to break the cycle. If your child does become ill, you are required to notify the center within 24 hours. The Director will advise you if they can still attend and if not when they can return.

important reminders!

  • Please label all coats/jackets and send weather appropriate clothing to school!
  • CDC Christmas Program December 16th at 7 p.m.
  • Please make sure your child is not smuggling in toys or other items to school in their backpacks.
  • Please remember to check your child's folder
  • Please remember that tuition is due on the 1st, and you are given the option to pay half on the 1st and half on the 15th.
  • We are closed December 23rd and 26th

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December birthdays!

Madailein 12-1

Ava 12-5

Phoenix 12-5

Finnley 12-5

Sebastain 12-9

Jesse 12-12

Skylar 12-14

Lea 12-21

Wyatt 12-26

Laura 12-29

Happy Birthday song

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