The Border War


Who Revolted and Why did they revolt?

Mexico and United states revolt to a border war. The conflict started when revolutionary Pancho Villa attacked the American border town of Colombus, New Mexico. In response, the United States army launched an expedition into northern Mexico to find and capture Villa as directed by General "John J. Pershing. The plan had worked, The United States army found the "Villista rebels". They killed two of the top lieutenants, the revolutionary scaped and the American Army returned to the United States in January 1917.

How did they organize?

There was no organization, these two countries decided to attack when they were told by the army leaders.

In 1910 the United States army was stationed in force along the border and on several occasions fought with Mexican federals (rebels).

How did it end?

American and Mexican forces skirmished near El Paso, Texas on the border on June 16. This conflict is singular for the fact that the Mexican and American army's joined forces to fight the Villistas led by Pancho Villa. This was called the Battle of Ciudad Juarez and was the second largest battle of the Mexican Revolution involving the United States, and it is also considered the last battle of the Border War.