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We are proud to present the first edition of the 2018-2019 student newspaper. Topics and articles are chosen and written by students here at Chocksett! We hope you enjoy!

Stress Habits and Their Remedies by Carolyn C. & Theo S.

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Common Emotion~

Stress or anxiety is a very common emotion that all humans experience sometime in their life (some more than others). If you feel this way due juggling school work, homework, and extra-curricular activity work, you’re not the only one. There are many techniques to tackle what is weighing you down and doing it calmly. I hope these tips and tricks find you well on your journey throughout the four years of middle school!

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Get Plenty of SLEEP!

When you have the slightest amount of spare time, take some time to rest, or even take a nap! Also remember to get a full 8+ hour sleep cycle every night. This will provide you will a full REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep cycle. Getting a full REM sleep cycle is vital for living the day to the fullest, and keeping focus.

A final way to reduce stress levels is to keep a journal. Writing is a proven way to let loose of your emotions. Remember to express your stress/emotions in the journal. Write all the thoughts inside your head, your most important experiences from your day, decisions, or even the things that scare you. It is much like keeping a secret. You urge yourself to tell somebody without noticing it. In this case, that “somebody” is your very own journal. Remember not to let any others view it, though.

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What is bullying? by Maggie J & Laela B

A bully is a person who hurts someone else more than three times. Bullying is an issue many people face in both childhood and adult life. People all over the world are being bullied. Bullying has a very bad impact on other people. Just because someone is different than you does not mean you have to be mean.

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Be kind to others

Fortunately, there are many ways to help a person who is being bullied or to help yourself if you are a victim. There are many ways to help prevent bullying. If something is bothering you tell someone because a little thing could cause a lot of problems in the future. Talk to an adult you know or someone you trust. You could speak to a parent, relative, teacher, friend, or guidance counselor. They would all be happy to help you if you have a problem.

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CROSSWORD PUZZLE! by Jackson J & Maddy T


4 I have a foot on each end and one in the middle.

5 What do you eat before it is born and after it is dead?

6 What's so fragile when you say its name, you break it?


1 What five letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

2 The more you have of it the less you see.

3 You can't keep it unless you have given it.

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Field Hockey 2018 by Hannah P & James Z

November 5, 2018 interview of the 2018 field hockey coach, Ms.Dietel. This year the team won two games, tied three games, and lost seven games. We asked her if she wants to do anything differently in the future and she told us that next year her hope is to try to teach some better defensive techniques. She was unfortunately not able to do that this year because the weather didn’t cooperate so they missed many practices. She told us that there were three eighth graders on the team and they did a great job at teaching the new players. She told us that she will definitely miss these three girls, Julia Queeny, Elly Georgules, and Brooke Potter. Aside from those girls she had some returning seventh graders who also did a great job at teaching the new players. These returning players include Bella Trudeau, Lille Johnson, Emily Coffey, and Taylor Stuart. Overall the field hockey team had an amazing season.

Girls Soccer by Hannah P

Interview with the soccer coach:

There were eight returning players this season. Three of those returning players are in eighth grade along with 1 other new player. Their names are Ava Giorgi, Piper Bennet, Jessica Lillis, and the new player, Caroline Paharik. While she didn’t keep track of how many games the team won, she told me that there are some things that the team did really well and some things that they need to improve on next year. One of the things the team did really well with season was working together as a team and staying positive. Something that they have to work on next year is their footwork, but that also depends on the player and their skill level. She told me that all of the returning players did a great job at leading the new players in footwork, working on improving their communication, and building up their endurance. These returning players include Ava Giorgi (8th grade), Piper Bennett (8th grade), Jessica Lillis (8th grade), Anjolie Louchart (7th grade), Julia Willman (7th grade), Brenna Hauver (7th grade), Sophia Prendergast (7th grade), and Megan Jarnis (7th grade). Overall the coach said that the team had a great season despite some injuries.

Cross Country by Hannah P

This year cross country had some great runners coached by Mrs. DiCroce. There were some new sixth graders who stayed positive and gave it their best effort. There were a bunch of seventh graders who also were great runners and a few of them got awards at the fall sport ceremony. There were also some great runners in eighth grade and some of them also got awards at the fall sport ceremony. Overall the cross country team had a great season.

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Boys Soccer by Hannah P

Overall the boys soccer team had a really good season this fall of 2018. I interviewed Coach Jacobson, and he gave me some great information. This year there were eight returning players. Three of them are in eighth grade and the other five are in seventh grade. Additionally, this season he had eight eighth graders. He said that some things that the team was really good at were playing tough, physical games and staying positive. Something that Mr. Jacobson wants to work on a little bit more is unity. They won at least five games & Mr. Jacobson asked me to mention three specific players: Logan Shepard because he has played for the Chocksett team for all three years and really helped score some goals, Kyle Smith because he was returning at defense and he was a great help, and CJ Happy because it was his first year playing and he is in eighth grade. CJ was the team’s goalie and Mr. Jacobson said that he did a great job at learning the position. Mr. Jacobson said that overall the team had a good season.