Gamer Girl

Mari Mancusi


This book is about a sophomore in high school named Maddie. she used to live in Boston until her mom left her dad. now she has to live in her grandmas unicorn infested house in new Hampshire. she got named "freak girl" on the first day of school and had trouble fitting in. this was until her dad sent her a video game called "fields of fantasy" for her birthday. within game she can escape her reality and live in a fantasy world as a girl named allora. she meets a player named sir Leo on the game and makes friends with him very quickly. she starts a manga and anemia club at her school and makes more friends that way and finally starts to see where she belongs.
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My Assesment

i chose this book because the title really appealed to me and the book was talking about how she grew up constantly being the out cast. my favorite part of Gamer Girl occurred when Maddie had found out sir Leo was chad and she was always worried he was gonna freak when he found out she was allora. in my opinion the book is very relatable and drama packed. some reasons i liked this book are the fact that it keeps a reader on edge and make a reader always wonder whats gonna happen next. it is also very drama filled which makes it not boring at all. this book has a very fulfilling ending.

Ratings and recomendations

overall, i would rate this book 4 1/2 stars. i did this because "Gamer Girl" is a very detailed book and always has something happening in each part. altough the book was great i do wish it had more action and drama.

i would recomend this book for mostly teens but anyone can read it.
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