Ulrich Zwingli

By Anthony Brady

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Who was He?

Ulrich Zwingli was a heretic. He was the third major reformer and founder of the Reformation in Switzerland.
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What Did He Do?

Ulrich Zwingli joined the priesthood. As a priest he became acquainted with many leading humanists of his day. He was involved sin concerning lust. His views were against the church. He converted many people to his heretical beliefs. His teaching denied the churches authority, rejected the saints and sacraments, and the idea of good works.

What Was the Effect?

Ulrich Zwingli along with his followers raided churches, destroying statues, organs, images, etc. He smelted chalices and monstrances into coins. He became the head of both the government and "church" in Zurich. With that power, he was capable of establishing The Reformation during his life.