Relationships & Identity


Informed Conscience

Informed Conscience regards to the feeling of rightness or wrongness in you behavior and can give you a push in making a good or bad choice while making a decision. Some people believe that informed conscience means people have an option to discard the teachings of the church if they choose.

Catholic Church Teachings On Sexual Intimacy?

The catholic church believes that sexual intercourse should be for a man and a women who are married and are trying to procreate. The catholic church does not believe in contraception methods, except abstinence and all non artificial methods.

The Catholic Church Teachings On Contraceptives?

The catholic church does not believe in contraceptives such as the pill, condoms, spermicides, ect. The only two types of contraception that are allowed are abstinence (not having sex at all) or fertility awareness and ovulation prediction. Although the catholic church teaches these methods and believes in them, people who take the pill or use condoms are not kicked out of the church or anything like that.


What Is a Healthy Relationship?

A healthy relationship, I believe revolves around love. Every person you have a healthy relationship with you love in one way or another, whether it be your mum, dad, sister, brother, grandparent, boyfriend or best friend. A healthy relationship is a good, steady connection or friendship between two people. A healthy relationship doesn’t always mean smooth sailing, to be healthy there must be disagreements and arguments.

What Is Important In a Healthy Relationship?

It is important in a healthy relationship to be kind and caring to the other person and not to take them for granted. Forgiveness is also important in a healthy relationship, if we cant forgive each other, we can’t ever move on. Respect is another big key to a healthy relationship, if you cant have respect for the other person, how do you expect them to respect you and your decisions.