Tropical Tonga

Island of beaches, bananas, and really big people

Kingdom of Tonga - The Basics

Tonga is a group of 169 islands in the South Pacific. The largest island is Tongatapu, where it's capital Nuku'alofa is located. There are only 103,036 people living in the Tongan islands, where English is the main language spoken. Tonga is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy...that means they have a King and a Prime Minister. Oh, and they drive on the left...what's up with that?

Lots of Fun in the Sun

Tonga has many beautiful beaches and islands, some of which are uninhabited, and can be visited by sea kayak. You can hike up Mt. Talau, or visit the spectacular Mapu’a a Vaea blowholes. You can fish, snorkel, hike, kayak, swim with whales, sail, surf, bird watch, or just relax on the beach and eat some good food.