Steven Hizmi 1887 repost

Boys Go Missing

Three boys by the name of Tom Sawyer, Huckelberry Finn, and Joe Harper are reported missing. People are saying that they have drowned, going out for a late night swim. We are shooting the cannon just incase the boys didn't drown. But dont get your hopes up. Some people say that the day before they went missing, they were acting odd for there character. But Tom's Aunt Polly says that Tom is a good swimmer.

Reporter: Steven Hizmi

Get your chance to meet Mark Twain!

Interview with Mark Twain

Q: Mr. Twain, in your new book, I enjoyed your aluusion to Robin Hood when the boys were playing games on the island. Why did you choose this particular allusion?

Twain: As a little boy, I loved Robin Hood . So I wanted Tom to enjoy this as I did.

Q: Why did you have Tom engage Becky Thatcher when they were very young to be engaged?

Twain: I wanted to show how love was a special feeling, even though you might be very young.

Q: Why did you have Tom come home after he went to the island?

Twain: If I was Tom, and i left in the first place because Tom thought nobody loved him, then I myself would have wanted to know if anything has changed since i left.

Me: Thank you for your time Mr. Twain

Twian: Thank you it was a pleasure.

The Wisdom of Mark Twain