Causes of the American Revolution

4 Events That Lead to the Americam War


Boston Tea Party because there was large feud weather their to be tax on tea. So the colonies refused to drink it and at one point dumped it all out int the ocean. They did it by dressing up as Indians and then duped all the tea in the sea. It was organized by Sam Adams and the sons of liberty.

Boston Massacre because they killed 5 of the colonists for no reason. It started when one soldier misunderstood and thought he said to fire but he really said don't fire and once the colonists got mad the soldiers panicked and fired for their safety. The first to die Was a guy named Cripes Attucks.

Tea act because it put a big tax on the colonist and they already have been working their butts off for the the mother country and now they want a fee after they kept helping them. The colonist were out raged with anger and added to reasons to start a war. This law affected the merchant a lot and caused trouble for them.

Mercantilism Is the policy that colonies support parent country. it provided raw materials, purchase finished goods in the 1760. Britain set a law that the colonies could only trade with them no one other then them.