Help Support the Survivors of 9/11

Created By: Mackenzie Nesmith

We Need Your Help!

Yes, you. We need your help to support these poor people that had to go throught this tragic event- The Survivors of 9/11. They have been having trouble over these 10 years after the attacks with emotions. They sometimes even feel bad for the people that didn't survive and think that they should have died too. These poor people need your help!

Why Support Them?

Do you know what they went through? Of course you don't! Smoke that stops your breathing, people smacking on the ground from jumping hundreds of stories high, glass shattering from broken windows, just people freaking out because planes have just crashed into the two tallest buildings in New York City. Just put yourself in their place. Wouldn't you want to have help after surviving and going through all of that? At least I would!

Some Survivors

Willing to Help Out?

That's great! If you are willing to donate to people truly in need then call the number below at (123)456-7890. Every penny counts and we will truly except your gift!