Lake Texoma

All are welcome to come fishing here!

Lake Texoma is located on the Texas/Oklahoma border. It offers a wide variety of fish for everybody! From Blue Catfish to Bluegills, you will never be let down with what fish grabs hold of your fishing line.

Endangered Species

These species are dying off quickly year after year.

Invasive threat

Zebra mussels have caused alarming declines in populations of fish, birds and native mussel species and can disrupt a city's entire water supply system by colonizing the insides of pipelines and restricting the flow of water.
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ShareLunker Program

Anglers who have caught 13-pound-plus largemouth bass are encouraged to enter this program. There have not been any entries from Lake Texoma, but many right around the area.

Recent stocking history

From 1975-2000, the Largemouth Bass was the only fish that was stocked consistently year after year. No stocking has taken place since the year 2000.

Fishing license

Resident licenses: required of any resident who fishes in public waters of Texas (Freshwater package $30)

Yearly licenses, senior resident, special resident, and one-day licenses are offered