Ruhollah Khomeini

Ruholla is a religious leader that has taken control over Iran with his speeches and his way of putting fear into his people like threatening them to a death sentence for believing in another god because he wants everyone to think he is the one and true leader of the country and ants everyone in that country to believe that they can only be and will only be Jewish or Christian Iranians if they are not then they should be punished by law for either time in prison or death.


1. Iran is on the continent of Asia more specifically south Asia, some people say that its apart of the middle east and not south Asia but Iran is geographically and culturally closer yo the countries of south Asia since they’ve been ruled by the same dynasties for thousands of years.

  1. The capital of this country is Tehran, this city has a population of 7.804 million and is one of the larger cities of the world and is a newcomer to the old historical cities in Iran.

  2. 3. Iran is a theocratic Islamic Republic, which is where a ruler a god or a priest runs the governments rules or regulations and has Islamic laws.

  3. A totalitarian regime is a government that controls every aspect of the life of the people. This being said in dictatorships they allow at least some freedom to the people as long as they remain in the lines of the laws

  4. Ruhollah Khomeini was one of the leaders of Iran that displayed Napoleons characteristics.

  5. His ideology was to enter as a ruler too fix the blood river between him and the people, he was looking forward too resuming religious life. He wanted too greatly enforce religion, that was his goals, he wanted to leave the governing process to the other people. Napoleon led people to believe certain things and too follow his footsteps, and so did Ruhollah.

  6. From what wee have seen they use people that have the same beliefs as others too spread things... If I were a jew and all of these jews were supporting anti something then id want to be apart of it cause they are the same people as me

  7. Czar Nicholas 2 was Mr. Jones in Iran.

  8. The dogs in Iran ere the Russian police.


The largest city in Iran is Tehran, which is the capital of the country.
The word Iran means "The land of Aryans' in Persian.
The official name of Iran is the Islamic republic of Iran.


The Iranian government is an autocratic council/committee based system. These councils and committees are made up of religious elders.

The supreme leader is selected by assembly of experts for a life term. The supreme sets the domestic and foreign policies. They also make final decisions about eligible presidential candidates, election results and cabinet post of defense for affairs, information, culture/Islamic guidance

The Guardian Council comprises 12 members who serve six-year terms

They approve/rejects legislation passed by Parliament

And approve/rejects candidates for president Parliament and elections

Parliament proposes passes legislation for approval by Guardian Council they consist of 290 members they are the main collations include Parliament proposes passes legislation for approval by Guardian Council they consist of 290 members and the main coalitions include conservatives and reformists and may choose to impeach President

The assembly of experts comprise of 86 Islamic scholars elected by the public they select supreme leader and serve 8 year terms

The president performs administrative roles, they select cabinet members, serve four year terms and proposes budget

The cabinet is led by President this is presidents and implementing policies

The cultural Revolution counsel is led by the president, sets Islamic principles for all educational organizations, sets is Islamic rules for permissible Internet content and printed materials

A recent event in Iran is the banning of “Devil worshipping hair” Hair that is now becoming popular in Iran's youth age group is now becoming banned because its not what they belivee in, its supporting something “un-islamic”, this couldve impacted their society negatively later on very badly, but even now that they are taking it under their arm they are getting dirty looks. The Iranian government isnt ashamed of what they banned because they know what couldve came out of letting them have that freedom

Iranian’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei came out to accuse America's accusation of Tehran building an atomic bomb, the leader telling the world this brought down a big red flag for Iran because an atomic bomb is a big deal. Then he says America accused them just so they could gain control and be the dog keeper. Doing this did help Iran socially it brought down doors between curious countries who were probably ready to untie the knot with Iran.

Iran is a very big oil country, so everything that exports is mainly oil. Although all these other events that are happening are helping them socially oil is their number one focus, there would be no Iran without their export of oil. Cars are coming too be using electricity and not gasoline/oil so remaining questions are what are they going too do when the oil isn’t needed any longer (which will take over 100 years) what is the supreme leader going too do next too help Iran's economy, without a healthy economy there is not a healthy government.



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