Party for India's Independence

Gandhi and India's struggle is over

Join us as we party the night away from dawn to dusk doing whatever we want because we are finally free. After being controlled by Britain for so long our special guest, Gandhi led our peaceful fight against Britain. We ended up winning with fasts, protest marches, and boycotts . Now after being only free for one day, we have decided to throw a party and invite those who supported us when our struggle was real. Even Gandhi is coming!

Freedom Party

Saturday, Aug. 16th 1947 at 12pm

Amritsar, India

We will have so much fun hating on British goods. If you come early enough, we will be smashing a pinata that looks like a British soldier and painting peace signs . Please bring your own British goods for even more rebellious fun and candles for the memorial we will be having for those who have passed away during our protests and marches.

1) Meal

2) Bonfire where we burn British goods

3) British piñata smashing

4)peace painting for memorial

5)Memorial and remembering loved ones

How to reserve a guest slot.

Please send Rachael a letter saying you will attend our party.