How to Create New Padlet

This tutorial will walk to through creating a padlet page

Step 1

Go to

It will lead you to your dashboard if you are already a member.

Click on "New Padlet" on the top right hand corner

Big image

Step 2

A blank page will show. Click on "modify this padlet" setting tool symbol on the right side of the page.

Step 3

For the basic information of the padlet, create a title and a description of the padlet. Padlet can be used for Do Now, quick assessment, group discussions, exit slip, etc.

Step 4

Wallpaper section allows you the choose the background of the padlet. Let's get creative!

This takes students away from the "boring" loose leaf paper and into a fun and exciting platform to learn.

Step 5

Layout section allows you to organize the padlet. Freeform layout allows students to post anywhere on the page whereas the stream or the grid organize the page so that the posts are displayed in order.

* If you don't want students to write on top of each other's post, go for stream or grid layouts!

Step 6

If you want to keep the padlet private and protected, make sure you check this step out. You can create a password so that people with access to the padlet can write on the page. Make sure you share the password and allow the students to be able to write on the page.

Step 7

You can change up the link or the address to your padlet by creating your own!


Now you are ready to share the padlet with your students!

Check out the final look of the padlet by clicking on the embedded link below.

Remember, the password is: color

Student Artifact

Here is an example of a Padlet that I have created for my students.

My students love to use padlet for discussion and to showcase their work. They really enjoy playing around with it by adding visuals or recording their answers.

The password is: skeleton