3rd Grade


Google Classroom

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz7z6Rc60zw&feature=em-upload_owner-Google Classroom how to link

Homework starts every Monday. It will be due the following Monday when school starts at 7:40 am. Our homework will consist of reading for 20 minutes and Think Through Math for 10 minutes. Occasionally, there may be additional assignments that sent home as well. You can adjust the days to fit your schedule. For example, if your child has football practice on Monday night, they can do their Monday homework on Sunday.

I believe that we need to embrace technology so that it does not pass us by. My goal is to have all homework completed online and submitted through Google Classroom. I realize that this may be new to you and is new to your child. IT WILL GET EASIER Please work with your child to log on to Google Classroom this week. Just focus on logging in and getting familiar with the application. Google Classroom is an app that you can add from the Google Chrome app store or download for your phone or iPad. Your child has their login written in the front of their planner. We have practiced this at school and will continue to practice. I am including a link to a YouTube video that another teacher created to help you navigate Google Classroom. Each night your child will do their reading and math and record their progress on the Google Form assigned in Google Classroom. At the beginning of the week on the following Monday at 7:40 am your child should press the turn in button. They may turn in sooner if finished. Their form is sent straight to me. No paper, no printing, no keeping up with papers from home to school. If you have any questions or if access to technology is a problem, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Morgan Kramr