What's the Buzz in 1st Grade?

Mrs. Kesler's 1st Grade Class Weekly Newsletter


Besides Guided Reading, this week we began a new Magic Tree House book, titled The Knight at Dawn, for our snack time read aloud. We also began reading Mo Willems' city dog, country frog and explored how good readers think while reading a text.

We were so excited and thankful to have a guest reader in our class today. Thank you Mrs. Neal for sharing your time with our class, reading The Lion King to our students! The students enjoyed your reading, as did I! Thank you!!

Our Reading center Top Ten theme this week was "Things That are Living". We also had word work (where the students are making words out of the letters in "springtime"), a listen to reading center, Raz-Kids or Lexia on the computer, Silly Sentences and writing. Ask your child what their favorite reading center is and why.

Please make sure your child is reading 30 minutes per day. We are working on comprehension and fluency daily.


In Math this week we examined and compared two digit numbers. The students worked on using the vocabulary and symbols for greater than (>), less than (<) and equal to(=). We played several games to reinforce their knowledge. We also worked on ordering numbers from least to greatest. Ask your child which Math game they enjoyed most and why.


This week in Science we talked about Plant parts and what plants need to live. We also read about a tree named General Sherman, located in Sequoia National Park. The tree is 275 feet tall. First grade went outside to figure out exactly what 275 feet looks like. They also were able to practice counting by tens with our 10 foot strings of yarn! :-)

Community Building

Before Spring Break the students enjoyed watching inspiring messages from Kid President. The attached video prompted the students to write lists of nice things we can say to one another, which we will be making into a class book.
Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often

Important Reminders

Next week's sight words: its, keep, their, clean, ran, just

Wednesday: We're following a Friday schedule. Please have your child bring their library books on Wednesday; we will have check out only.

Thursday: third quarter report cards go home

Friday: No School