LPMHS Newsletter

Vol. 7, Issue 18; January 17, 2020

School Closing Schedule

Martin Luther King Jr Day: Monday, January 20th

Half Day for Students: Friday, February 14th

Winter Break: Monday, February 17th and Tuesday, February 18th

Upcoming Important Dates

Tuesday, January 21st- Friday, 24th: Regents Exams

Thursday, January 30th-Saturday, February 1st: 77th Annual LPMHS Winter Carnival

Friday, January 24th: End of Semester 1 and Quarter 2

High School Winter Carnival Skating

On Thursday, January 30th, grades 9-12 will have the opportunity to skate on the oval. Rentals will be provided by ORDA. There will be other opportunities if your child does not want to skate. Please contact the office at (518)523-2474 if you would prefer your child not participate in skating.

Positive Psychology Corner with Dr. Miller

Hunt the good stuff: Gratitude

There are a whole host of minor miracles that happen every day that we take for granted. Take for example a car starting in the morning, or a heating system keeping your home warm on a cold day. These things generally work so well that we forget about them. We notice how important these things are when they don’t work, and then sometimes the negative thought train starts. Practicing gratitude means taking the time to identify the positive aspects and events (even the little ones) that are part of daily life. Gratitude has been well studied in Positive Psychology. Gratitude works. It helps cultivate a sense of well-being. It fights a depressed mood and increases positive emotion. The "Three Good Things" exercise is a good way to start practicing gratitude and is appropriate for adults, adolescents, and children. The process is simple. Identify three good things that happened in your day. They can be big, like winning the lottery, or they can be little, like having your favorite food for lunch. Write them down in detail, but then take it a little further. Write down how and why these good things happened and take time to really appreciate them. How did you feel? Who contributed to this good thing? Here’s an example. “My mom made my favorite macaroni and cheese for supper. It tasted delicious and made me feel happy. Mom knew that was my favorite meal and she took the time to make a list, shop for the ingredients and then make it from scratch. The rest of my family loved it, too. We had a nice meal together.” Give the Three Good Things exercise a try. It doesn’t have to be every day, but it should be done on a regular basis. It may make a difference in your life. For details visit this website: https://ggia.berkeley.edu/practice/three-good-things

Sweetheart & Superheroes Parent Video

Click the link below to check out video #5 of the Sweetheart & Superheroes video series.

Video #5: Are Parents Over Protective?

Volunteer Opportunities!!!

Please see Mrs. McConvey in the library for any upcoming opportunities. Or contact her at pmcconvey@lpcsd.org or 518-523-2474 ext. 4130

**Please note Community Service forms are now available online on the schools website. Check it out at the link below.**

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Board of Education Meeting Dates 2019-20

The LPCSD Board of Education meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month in the Board Room of the District Office unless otherwise noted. Upcoming meeting dates are as follows:

January 21, 2020--Initial Budget Work Session

February 4, 2020--Budget Work Session from 6-7 p.m. and Board Meeting 7 p.m.

February 18, 2020(during winter break)-- Board Meeting and if needed a Budget Work Session

March 3, 2020

March 17, 2020


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