3rd Grade Economics Newsletter

Here's a peak at our latest social studies unit!

What is Economics?

Economics is a science concerned with the process or system by which goods and services are produced, sold, and bought.

Teaching Econmoics

What we covered?

Students worked through a variety of economics lessons each week, with a culminating project based on the TV show Shark Tank. We've discussed money, and words we use to describe getting and using money. We have also discussed Henry Ford and his assembly line. We compared and contrasted the modern assembly line to Henry Ford's original assembly line. Students completed an Entrepreneur project this week that they will present to the class. Up next will be supply and demand, scarcity, and how a business works.

What can students do at home?

Students can play personal financial literacy games online at home. This will help supplement what they are learning at school. The online games are through Practical Money Skills, the link is below. Students have played Money Metropolis at school.


As well, students can play Clay Piggy. They will receive their username and password in class, refer to their weekly agenda for this information.


Interesting Fact!

Did you know?

If you start with a penny. Double it every day. In 30 days you’ll have $10.7 million dollars
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