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Sixth Grade CBG Edition

What's In?

Music Poll

Eleanor Ross

Ever wonder what the #1 top artist is? Well here it is!

I surveyed a few 6th graders to see their favorite artists or bands! The top is One Direction with 5 votes! Soon after is Panic! at the Disco with 4 votes. Last is Kayne West with 1.

What's Up In School?

Magazine Drive Success

Drew Ellison

The annual magazine drive has once again come around at Midlothian Middle School!

During the drive, students sell magazines to families and friends to help support our school with the funds. Prizes are awarded to students that turn in certain amounts of orders. The drive started in the second week of September and ended three weeks later.

If a student sold more than three magazines, they were invited to the "Funky Monkey Party". At the party, the magazine company provided inflatables for entertainment. Foods that were served included popcorn and snow cones.

We asked several people if they participated in the party. "No, I didn't participate," Lucy Eovino tells us.

"Yeah, I went to the party," Eleanor Ross says, "There were three inflatables, but I just played soccer the whole time."

Emily Faris, a Midlothian Middle School 7th grader, tell us, "I think a lot more 6th graders participate because it's their first year in middle school, and they're very enthusiastic."

Even though not everyone helped out with the magazine drive, there was still an amazing turnout for all grades.

Electives From the Sixth Grade Eye

Zoe Freisner

Sixth graders are new to the electives. At Midlothian Middle, you can choose from Orchestra, Band, Chorus, and Exploratory as your electives. Most people wouldn't change a thing about the electives. However, there is another opinion about it.

It isn't that the students don't like the electives. Many of them said that they enjoy the electives because they get to learn new things, it isn't too hard, and very fun. On the other hand, many people didn't like that they were graded, and felt that there are too few options to choose from. A few sixth graders had a very good suggestion. They felt that the electives should be clubs instead, and that there would be more options to choose from. In conclusion, the electives are a great contribution to Midlothian Middle, but it might be best to have them in clubs, with more options and less grades.

New Renovations

Katherine Ladocsi

Have much needed renovations around the school gotten the expected positive reaction? Over the past few summers, I am sure that students and faculty members have noticed the drastic changes in the schools appearance and other things. These renovations include, technology advancements, new lockers, redesigned office spaces, a new wing, and more. These differences have had both positive and negative consequences.

Starting off with good things, the front office area has without a doubt been the most noticed change. Julie Ladocsi, mother of 2 children that have gone through MMS talked to me about her feelings towards the new main office, “ I believe these changes have absolutely been positive in relation to the school. The process of picking up my daughter is much easier and less time- consuming. Also, I feel as though she is safer with the new 2-door entrance system, especially with the recent violent problems in other parts of the US.” Other parts less-obvious changes in the school include, bathrooms, the library, the auxiliary gym, and the auditorium.

On the more negative side, I believe that if you start a renovation, then you should complete it. This is mainly directed to the bathroom renovations. Though I am grateful for the new toilets and stalls, I think that they should have fixed the large hole in the girls’ bathroom. Or, add a much-needed fresh coat of paint to the walls. On that note, I do believe that the new lockers (located everywhere but the sixth-grade wing) are causing a lot of trouble too. It was expected that with something new, there would be issues, but I don’t think they were thought to be as bad as they have been. Students have been left without their lunches, missing homework and other things. Finally, I have to wonder if next year we will be experiencing even worse technological problems then what we have had this year. There have been some troubleshooting groups taking place during lunch, but some of the problems with Edline and Edmodo aren’t smoothed out yet.

I am sure that in the future we will see more positive and negative changes in our school. You can never be sure what new things are just around the corner.

Science Fair

Lauren Hagemeister

We are already almost a whole nine weeks into school, and with the new quarter a new project coming in. Science fair! With so many assignments due for just one project, science fair can be a little tricky for sixth graders, but by planning things out, it's a snap! If you have trouble getting everything due right away, try outlining what time you want to spend, and when. By doing this, it's really easy to stay on top of the workload. Also, don't be afraid to ask your parents for help. They are older, and smarter!

Already students have completed their 4 Question strategy and Experimental Design Diagrams and are on a great start. But beware, the first Literature Review is coming in just a few short days.

Next to the article, you can find all of the due dates for this semester.

Talk With Dr. Stanfield

Isabelle Mayor-Mora

Over the week, I was lucky enough to interview Midlothian Middle School's principal, Dr. Stanfield. The questions I asked him were mostly about the 6th graders and his opinions on their curriculum.


Q: Do you think the changing of the Monday schedule helps the 6th graders get around?

A: "I don't know, I liked the Monday schedule."

Q: Why did you decide to get new lockers for the CBG 6th graders?

A: "It was time, the old ones were very worn out. The lock is better when it is built into the door."

Q: Do you think the lunch period is long enough for the 6th graders?

A: "Yes. The cafeteria gets loud towards the end of lunch so you know everyone is done eating."

Q: What are there any future plans for the school?

A: "Try to get rid of the roaches. The problem is they come during the summer no one is around."

I learned a lot of new information about the 6th grade and I hope you did too.

Tacky Light Run

Elijah Dorman

The Richmond Sports Backers announced that in December they plan to host a tacky light run in Walton Park. Walton Park is already a tacky light hot spot, but they plan on taking it to the next level. Runners will get jingle bells, a glow kit, a shirt, and a medal. Jon Lugbill, executive director of Sports Backers, said "There are tacky lights all over America, but no one does it like us." The race will be on December 14 at 6:00 pm and will end at the Midlothian coal mines. Race registration starts at $35 and goes through $50; discounts will be available for teams. All proceeds benefit Kicks & Wheels, a nonprofit organization that supplies unfortunate neighborhoods with sports equipment. For more information click on the the link above, or visit their Facebook page at