Davis Staff Friday Flyer

Deep in the Heart of Davis

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March 6-10 Spring Break- No School

March 15 (Wednesday) Critical Friends

March 16 (Thursday) TL Meeting @ 2:45

March 20 (Monday) SpEd STAAR Online & Paper Testing @ 3:00

March 21 (Tuesday) Teacher STAAR Online & Paper Testing during conference time

March 24 (Friday) KG Round Up

March 28 (Tuesday) 4th STAAR Writing & 5th Math STAAR

March 29 (Wednesday) 5th STAAR Reading

March 30 (Thursday) Report Cards Go Home

April 14 (Friday) Student/Teacher Holiday (2nd Bad Weather Day if Needed)

April 17 (Monday) Student Holiday (1st Bad Weather Day if Needed)

May 8 (Monday) 3rd & 4th Math STAAR

May 9 (Tuesday) 3rd & 4th Reading STAAR

May 10 (Wednesday) 5th STAAR Science

May 26 (Friday) Field Day

May 29 (Monday) Student/Teacher Holiday

June 2 (Friday) Last Day of School/Students Release @ 12

Spotlight on Professional Learning

A Teacher's Lifesaving Act of Kindness

Teachers who go above and beyond the call of duty!

I don't know anyone who has done this, but I know a ton who would. Thank you for being you!



Happy Birthday to you!!!

February Birthdays

Lindsey 2nd

Marisol 2nd

Tiffany 6th

Stacey E. 10th

Dana 19th

Rheanna 23rd

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find new apps and web tools for my learners?


Plano ISD tech blog


How do I access the building on the weekends?

Contact Brenda Terenas or Jan West

I need to know how to request a day off/access the copy machine/send a fax.

The staff handbook is located at: https://docs.google.com/a/pisd.edu/document/d/1NRqWSqHZJ8cJ5w1Ck29DxImlK04MijfIdlnOd_8sUmo/edit?usp=sharing