Staying in the Know

with Mrs. Drayton

Dutch Fork Elementary The Academy of Environmental Sciences, Title I


VIP Folders & Reminders

  • Good News Club flyer

  • Scholastic orders & money due Friday, 9/15
  • Early Release Day Wednesday, 9/13
  • Progress Reports going home Thursday, 9/14 (please sign & return)
  • Reading Goal Sheets due Friday 9/29

What Should My Child Be Doing for ELA & SS?

  • Writing down his/her HW in the school agenda everyday. Please check this daily.

  • Bringing home a VIP envelope every Thursday. Please ask for this folder because it may have graded papers, field trip forms, important handouts, and/or progress reports (every 2 weeks). Please return the signed progress reports on the next day or email me to confirm you've received it.

  • Reading “just-right” books for 30 minutes on Mondays - Thursdays. They may read the book of their choice, their book club book, or their Scope magazine. Feel free to read with your child or ask them to share what they’re reading.

  • Working towards a reading goal every month and adding titles read to a reading goal sheet throughout the month. Goal sheets are due at the end of every month.

  • Returning or renewing library books on Mondays. Also, I am very gracious about lending out classroom library books. PLEASE make your child returns them when they have finished reading the book.

  • Consistently rereading and studying social studies materials. All notes and documents should be kept in their Social Studies section of his or her binder. Encourage your child to have conversations about the social studies content on a daily basis. If they can discuss the material, they are more apt to understand it.

  • Starting in September - Studying Affixes (prefixes, suffixes, and roots) and vocabulary. Quizzes are on Fridays.

  • Starting in October - Practicing cursive during early morning hall time (7:10 - 7:30), when they finish early during writer’s workshop, and/or once a week for HW.

  • Come to school prepared to learn, participate, and embrace challenges! Learning is an active process that requires full engagement.

  • Our partnership as parents and teacher will lead to success for your child this year! Remember to stay connected through Remind101, Smore newsletters and email updates. Don’t hesitate to contact with any questions or comments, no matter how big or small.

Curriculum Night Stations

Even if you couldn't make it, here are some questions to ask your child at home:

Reading to Become Expert Historians (my homeroom)

  • Which of these books or articles have you read?

  • What have you learned about the Reconstruction time period?

  • What are you wondering about Reconstruction?

Strategic Readers
  • Tell me about the reading goal sheet. How many books do you plan to read this month?

  • What is your current reading goal?

  • What are you currently reading during Independent Reading time?

  • What have you learned from reading this week’s Scope article?

  • What does it mean to write well about reading?

Living as Writers
  • What was your process for learning how to write a Where I'm From poem?

  • Share your Where I’m From poem with me.

  • How will you practice cursive?

Uncovering Messages through Read Alouds
  • Which book helped you understand what it means to embrace diversity?

  • What lessons have you learned from some of these books?

  • What are LEAF Bucks? How many do you have?

  • Which expectation is easiest for you?

  • Which expectation do you have to work on improving?

Using Google Classroom to Reflect
  • Show me how you’ve used Google Classroom.

  • Can you help me complete the Curriculum Night Reflection on Google Classroom?

A big THANKS to everyone who made it out!!!