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New Designer Welcome

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I want to start by welcoming everyone to our team! This is my first official newsletter, so bare with me while we all learn together. Our team is growing so fast & I am so happy and blessed to have each of you a part of it. I want us all to have great success with Origami Owl. I am here to help in any way I can! Let's get the parties started !

I hope to get a team meeting together soon!!!

We are a team ready to make our dreams come true!


You're an Origami Owl Designer and an Official Member of The Owl-Tastic's!

You've Taken the Big Step!

And now, here is what will happen next.

  • It’s natural to feel nervous when starting your own business. We are here to help you every step of the way. I believe all of you have already received your starting kit. YAY!

  • You will receive various welcome letters from different members of your upline lineage. The emails hopefully will allow you to see what a great support system you have. Please don’t feel overwhelmed. Use these instructions as you need them and feel free to call your mentor with questions. It’s natural to feel nervous when starting your own business. But no worries, we are here to help you every step of the way.
  • I assume most of you have already set up your separate bank account & email for your new Origami Owl business. This just helps to keep things in order and flowing smoothly.
  • For anyone who hasn't already ordered buisness cards: Business cards MUST be purchased through our approved vendor -
  • I recommend setting up a mobile credit card account. I use Square. I have had no problems out of it and love the convenience it provides.

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Action Steps - Once your Kit Arrives

With your Kit Comes Training. Immediate Action Steps

  • Understand your job description. It consists of only 3 little things. Love the products,Share the products and find other people to share the products too.

  • Not only do I love hearing about your why but so do others! So share your why with me, your mentor and your customers! Email me and tell me why you decided to join Origami Owl.This helps me understand what I can do to help you achieve your goals.

  • Make your list of 100 immediately. List all the people you know and don't be judgmental of who may or may not love Origami Owl. You never know. 10 friends, 10 relatives, 10 neighbors, 10 acquaintances and 10 people surrounding children is 50 already.Put stars next to people who may need a girls night, who love to entertain or might need some extra cash.

  • Pick a date for your launch party IMMEDIATELY!!! I usually tell people to pick two days. Like a Tuesday/Thursday or a Saturday/Sunday. This way you can invite everyone and if there is a day they can't come, there is a back up party for people who can't make the first one. The launch parties should focus on bookings and sharing Origami Owl with people who might want to start their own business. Don't worry so much about selling products.

  • GET YOUR CALENDAR FULL! Try to book your 2 launch parties, 2 parties from your launch parties and 2 outside bookings. This will give you 6 in the next 4-6 weeks and will get your business booming. Origami Owl Jewelry Bars are sooooo easy. Be sure to watch the training in your workstation to see JUST HOW EASY they can be. ": )

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Business Basics

The Must Haves for YOUR Business

Some extra to make your business shine more:

  • Email Origami Owl at and register so that you can have access to your newsletter that will go out to all your customers. Once you have registered. Be sure to enter all your contacts in that area, so they receive your newsletter.
  • If you would like your emails to look super professional for your business, be sure to sign up for Esig at:
  • Get your table set-up: The basics:
  1. ONE white owl
  2. A table cloth in white, aqua or black
  3. Signage (backoffice)
  4. Email sign up Sheet
  5. A Mirror
  6. Busts for Locket Examples
  7. Read and Print any information that you think you may need and keep in a binder. For example: Policies and Procedures, Points of Difference, Hostess Exclusive, etc.

A Note from Denise

I am here for each of you. I would love to be at your first parties to help make them the success I know they will be! Please contact me with any questions you have. Also, make sure to follow our Facebook group, we are each other's biggest benefit.

Sending love!


The Owl-Tastic's

Getting our owl on one party at a time!

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