Analyzing Absract Concepts

Emily Kenny and Alex Coulson 5th period


Denotation, Connotation, Association

The definition of prejudice is: preconceived opinion that is not based on reason and actual experience.

The connotation of prejudice is negative and more specifically a shameful ignorance.

The association of prejudice we have is: slavery, segregation and gender inequality.

What Prejudice Means to Us

We have experienced gender inequality that has directly affected our lives. Many people have expectations for females that are very different than their expectations for males. For example, in school, girls are expected to hold themselves with poise and are looked to by teachers to exemplify good behavior, while boys are often overlooked in their bad behavior and are waved off with an attitude or mindset that "boys will be boys". Males are generally given bountiful grace and mercy when it comes to their actions. This is an inequality that consistently comes in to play in our lives. A teacher can look at a paper with names and genders and create a prejudice about how each student should behave based on their sex.

Prejudice Illustrated in To Kill a Mockingbird

In To Kill a Mockingbird Prejudice plays a very pivotal role in conveying the general consensus or norms of the town. Maycomb is a very small town and certain stereotypes are set in stone and are not questioned. For example when Mr. Nathan Radley shoots a warning shot at a tress passer it is automatically assumed that it was a negro, because they believed only people of color steal things. It is also displayed stereotypes in lower class families like the Ewells, and Cunninghams, the whole town automatically classifies a cunningham as dirt poor and an Ewell as a dirty trouble maker. Women are also portrayed as people that sit around all day and water plants and drink tea, while men are portrayed as heroes of the family and do all of the work.

Prejudice Effect On Society

Prejudice is something that unfortunately is apart of society. There is a common stereotype that all cops are bad, and that they are all out for you. What society doesn't do is challenge the opinion, and see all the cops that use the lights of their car so kids can see while playing basketball, or the million lives they save daily. Another prejudice is that women can't achieve the same level of intellect or physical strength as a male. There is also the general consensus that your placement in social hierarchy reflects there intelectual placement. These and many more are prime application of prejudice in our society.
Big image
We chose this picture to represent the concept prejudice, because when we think of prejudice we automatically associate it with segregation. We believe that segregation represents the ignorant views of the time period that skin tone determines your quality of life. It illuminates the historical time period when everything one did, was done with the same color as them. To us segregation is the prime example of people following ignorant stereotypes without using deductive reasoning.


Denotation, Connotation, Association

The definition of courage is: the ability to do something that frightens one.

The connotation is positive more specifically heroic or honorable.

The association we have of courage is people who are selfless. For example people who fight for our country, firefighters, police officers these people we associate with courage.

What Courage Means to Us

To us courage means being confident in yourself and values, and doing the right thing even when it's not easy. For us courage is shown when one sticks up for what is right, even when everyone else is against them. In a society filled with drunk driving, drug abuse, petty girls, and constant peer pressure to fit in, courage is shown when we say no to peer pressure. Doing the honorable deed when there is an easier way out, being confident enough to not let the world change your views and actions and things of this nature is courage to us.

Courage Illustrated in To Kill a Mockingbird

In To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout shows courage by deciding not to engage in a fight with a boy at school who verbally attacks her about Atticus's trial and by walking away from it even when the children then call her cowardice. Jem shows courage by going to Mrs. Dubose's house everyday and enduring her intentionally rude comments about him and his family. Atticus shows courage by continuing with his trial in defense of a black person, even when many people in the town disapprove of that and are vocal about that. Also, Atticus is courageous in his display and model to his children of how to treat difficult and terrible people with sensitivity and kindness.

Courage in Society

In society courage is displayed through actions of certain individuals who show confidence and selflessness. Typical courageous people in society include police officers, doctors, fire-fighters and most commonly people who serve on our forces. These individuals set themselves apart from the average Joe by stepping up to do the tasks that require the highest level of bravery and are all doing tasks that better the people rather than themselves. Courage is also displayed in society through activists, and others who passionately pursue there beliefs. These people show courage by not succumbing to what's common or easy and sticking up for what's right no matter the risk.
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We chose this picture to display courage, because when we think of courage we think of firefighters running into burning buildings to save people and put out the fire. We think of this as the ultimate display of courage risking your life acquiring the highest level of selflessness and bravery. Firefighters certainly do things most are afraid of and it is certainly a huge honor to be one. This is the perfect picture to display courage, because it symbolizes everything that courage is and truly exemplifies how honorable having courage is.


Denotation, Connotation, Association

The definition of obligation is: A course of action that someone is required to take whether legal or moral.

The connotation is typically negative, usually a burden.

The association we have of obligation is people feeling obligated to do things for people or act in a certain way.

What Obligation Means to Us

Obligation means to us, having to carry ourselves a certain way and behave in a certain way, because of our core values. We feel obligated to study hard, complete all of our homework, and try our best academically because we have been raised to value education. We also feel obligated to carry ourselves to a higher standard than typical society, because we have morals that contradicts what most of societies values are. We don't always want to study hard, or constantly have to miss out on fun events, but we feel held responsible to act and do things in a certain manner.

Obligation Illustrated in To Kill a Mockingbird

In To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus feels obligated to help Tom Robinson. It isn't that Atticus owed him anything or even knew him before he took on Tom's case. He felt obligated because in a way Atticus was defending all of the African American population. In Part 2, Scout feels obligated to act more mature and follow the wishes of authority better. She does this because she knows she is getting older and should act with more maturity.

Obligation in Society

An obligation that U.S. Citizens have is voting for a candidate on voting day, whether that be a local campaign or national. People that are able to vote have a civic responsibility to do just that. Also, when driving, people are obligated to maneuver their cars with courtesy of others. At a backed up stoplight, they should leave space for cars trying to take a left to come in. That is not anything that was put in the Drivers Ed rulebook, but it is a courteous obligation.
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We chose an "I Voted" sticker to best represent what obligation means, because this represents an obligation/ civic responsibility that was accomplished by an American Citizen. This shows that someone stepped up to the plate and did right by our country by weighing in on with their opinion and their thoughts about our country's future. An "I Voted" sticker is very honorable and important. Sometimes, these stickers are saved for the voter to remember that day by.


Denotation, Connotation, Association

The definition of injustice is: lack of fairness or justice

The connotation of injustice is negative, more specifically shameful.

We associate injustice with inequality of gender and racism.

What Injustice Means to Us

injustice to us means not having the same opportunities as males. As females we often feel no matter how hard we study, or how hard we work we will never achieve the same success as males. Most companies prefer males to women and will pay more for a male to do a job then they will pay a women for the same exact job. Luckily, women are gaining more equality every day and we are fortunate to have the opportunities we have since in many places across the world, women don't have the right to a proper education.

Injustice Illustrated in To Kill a Mockingbird

In To Kill a Mockingbird, Tom Robinson did not have a fair trial. The reason he wasn't treated with the same standards as white people is simply because he was black. This is an injustice because even though Atticus had exemplary proof that Tom wasn't guilty, the jury still decided that he raped and assaulted a white woman. He didn't deserve to go to jail or to even have been accused for anything and it certainly wasn't fair. This is a great picture of injustice because of how extremely wrong the jury and judge were.

Injustice in Society

In society it is common for inequality to take place in certain situations. For example in the business industry white males are the preferred type of worker, making an automatic unfairness to all other races and females. There is also unfairness with social hierarchy, because you are basically born into the type of life you live. Yes you can move in the social caste system if you work hard and are welly educated, or if you don't meet the social standard of your class. For the most part though, your quality of life is dependent on the family you were born into.