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Reporter Winnie the Pooh Gets on the Scene

One gloomy Tuesday morning, Winnie the Pooh got an exclusive interview with inspiration Jenna Fox. This is how it went:

WTP: What was it like, having no memory after waking up from the coma?
JF: It was frustrating. Pointless. My memory was coming back in little bits and fragments, so I could understand some things but I didn't understand the big picture.
WTP: So sorry to hear that. How did it feel cutting your hand on that hinge and seeing Biogel?
JF: I was freaked out. I didn't know what was going on at first, but then it hit me, and I was angry.
WTP: How does Ethan make you feel?
JF: Like I'm a real person, and not just some Biogel lab creature.
WTP: Well that's good. How did it feel throwing Kara and Locke's uploads into the pond?
JF: It felt good. Like I was doing a good deed for them. I'm sure if it was their voices, or if it was just my subconscious telling me that I should free them, but once I freed them, it was like a huge weight of my shoulder.
WTP: Good for them, and you. So how do you feel now, 250 years later?
JF: I'm okay now. All the fuss is behind me, and now I can just live my happy life with Allys and Kayla.

After this point the rain come in and shorted out the camera, ending the interview.
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Jenna's boyfriend, he went to the same boarding school as her and almost beat a man to death after the man tried to deal drugs to his little brother. He spent a year in the Juvenile facility. One thing that made him unique was his understanding for Jenna's situation.
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FSEB Changes Position?

The FSEB have changed their position on what it means to be human. How will it affect people in society? Reporter Winnie the Pooh is on the case. WP : I think that the FSEB's change of position in the "What is Human?" issue will cause lots of judgement from other people, judging the patients who are more than 49% Biogel and discriminating them from society, but eventually the will learn to accept them and treat them as equals. The FSEB has made a law that for a person to be human they have to have at least part of their brain, since the neurons will eventually learn and replace that part of the brain. The maximum age someone can live to on Biogel is 120, and after that the Biogel will simply shut down, killing the person painlessly in a matter of milliseconds. The consequences for people who violate these rules can be a life sentence in prison, or execution. This is Winnie the Pooh, live on the scene.
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